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The Artblog Reader Advisor


[This month’s Reader Advisor posts are brought to you by our guest editors, the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, or Nicola, as she sometimes likes to be called. Today: Underbellies of the beasts, or, what lies beneath. — the Artblog editors]

‘Fatberg’ is an iceberg made of fat, via the Guardian.

‘Rootsberg’ is an iceberg made of that time when Batman tried to conceal his family roots’ as slave owners, via Variety.

‘Fucksberg’ is an iceberg made out of a SEPTA bus mysteriously exploding into flames, via

Image courtesy of Rhizome.

‘Tearsberg’ is an iceberg made out of the tears you will cry when your frog friend dies in this hyperlink amphibian simulator, via Rhizome.