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[Congratulations to all the academics. Another year in the books! This Reader Advisor is for you. Today, we’ve got: students standing up for themselves at USC’s Roski School of the Arts; The Toast, with questions you’ve heard before if you’ve ever presented for a panel; and an argument for teachers’ unions. — the Artblog editors]

Ivory tower
“Ivory Tower,” Hideyoshi (2008).

“Thanks so much for your presentation. My own work, I believe, refutes everything you’ve ever done; I’d like to offer you a presentation of my own in the eighteen minutes we have left,” via The Toast

TOM: Hey, I just noticed our panel has only men on it. Isn’t that a little weird?
TED: No, that’s not strange at all. I hand-picked everyone myself!, via All Male Panels

When administrators forget that students are not customers. When students remember they are not customers, via Art & Education

Book-related, via Vice

This article begs the question: Is it really the smartest people who go to Ivy League schools or simply the richest and/or most desperate?, via Mic

Higher education, especially in Philadelphia, is addicted to its low-cost disposable labor force. One consequence is the continual exodus of the most talented and passionate educators to other cities with full-time positions or better opportunities. Unions, and the benefits that their bargaining powers can secure, help keep talented educators local–enriching the city, the universities, and the students, via New York Times