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[This week on the Artblog Reader Advisor: Shakeups on the verge in the theater and music industries; Elon Musk shares whether his own success scares him; a Dutch artist is one unlucky duck; and more. — the Artblog editors]

Party Animal: This Japanese Artist Is Full of Hot Air, via BBC

Have Broadway Your Way With New Ticket App, via Wired

Image via Philly Mag.
Image via BBC.

That’s Ducked Up: Dutch Artist’s Feathers Ruffled by Philly Floatie, via Philly Mag

Bring This Giant Typewriter to Life at Burning Man, via Kickstarter

Creatively Named Apple Music Service, Apple Music, Set to Launch, via Wall Street Journal

Image via Philly Mag.
Image via Philly Mag.

Baltimore Symphony’s “Embedded Reporter” Shares Stories, via The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Shia LaBeouf Will Motivate You Now, via Huffington Post

Go Inside SpaceX With the World’s Most Ambitious Entrepreneur, via The Telegraph



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