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The Artblog Reader Advisor

This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush trade blows on Twitter; Google creates a holding company for more transparency; we may soon be wearing sweaters made of pig hooves; and more. -- the artblog editors


Take Your Selfie Elsewhere—It’s Silly, Says Philly, via

Zippity Do Wha? Verizon Touts Lightning-Fast Speeds Coming Soon, via NBC

Hillary and Jeb Compete to Be Leader of the Twits, via Hyperallergic

Image via Hyperallergic.
Image via Hyperallergic.

Rime Crime: Katy Perry and Moschino Appropriate, Inappropriately, via CNN

The ABCs of Google’s New “Alphabet” Structure, via Yahoo Tech

Yearn to Burn? Philly Burning Man Group Can Help, via Philadelphia Weekly

Bach 2.0: Recurrent Neural Network Writes Music, via Popular Mechanics

Hanna Jaeun painting
Image via Huffington Post.

The Beauty of Genetic Difference, via BBC

Gives Me the Woollies: Yarn Made From Cast-Off Animal Parts, via Wired

Philly-mojis at Arch Enemy Arts, via Huffington Post