Fleisher-Ollman+Indigo Arts in NYC, PPAC in NOLA, DelArt’s great 2016 lineup, Sad Noyes news, Excellent! – Zoe Strauss, Steve Weinik, Michael Andre, Leah Koontz, Philly Knight Cities proposals, Plus Albert Bierstadt, Ben Davis, Calvin Tomkins

Lots of Newsy News today but lacking in opportunities. What gives?! - Artblog editor


Going to the Outsider Art Fair this weekend in NYC? Be sure to look for the two Philadelphia galleries, Fleisher-Ollman and Indigo Arts, who are participating.

Going to Delaware? Let’s carpool. The Delaware Art Museum has a terrific lineup of 2016 exhibitions, including a solo show in October of works from the 1960s by Elizabeth Osborne; a Smithsonian-organized exhibit in March of works by Latino artists including Philadelphia and Artblog favorite Pepon Osorio; and a group exhibit from the University of Delaware holdings, of humorous art by African American artists. Full 2016 schedule here.

Sad news from New Jersey – the Noyes Museum closes.

The Streets Dept. turns five — Congratulations to a heartfelt and beautiful blog about Philly street art! In celebration, Head of the Department, Conrad Benner curates an exhibit at Paradigm Gallery of his favorite street artists. The opening is this Friday,Jan. 22. Show runs to Feb. 20.

Most unexpected and wonderful news ever, from Artblog favorite ZOE STRAUSS.

I’m thrilled to say I’m going to be an artist-in-residence at the Gardner Museum, , for the entire month of March. Um, I can barely handle how excited I am to be able to have access to the permanent collection.


That would be the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. We can’t wait to see how Zoe stirs things up at the hallowed halls of the museum.

Via Steve Weinik, Director of Resurrect Dead movie, featuring Justin Duerr,

…Yesterday evening, artist Steve Powers finished up a Philly centered tribute wall in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. I stopped out to take some final photos, and asked if he was still taking requests for content. He was, and a couple minutes later, my longtime goal of getting a tile in a Philly public mural was finally realized. Detail and wide shots are below. See it yourself on 2nd Street between Market and Chestnut. – Steve Weinik


See picture of Powers working on the mural here.

Albert Bierstadt painting of the American West
Albert Bierstadt, Rocky Mountain Landscape, 1870, oil on canvas, 36.63 x 54.75″, the White House

From poet and Artblog contributor, Michael Andre, here’s the shortest movie review ever you’ll ever read — “I just saw Revenant: One Bierstadt after another.”

Great article by Calvin Tomkins this week’s New Yorker about the upcoming Met Breuer programming, which we previously told you about here.
Read Tompkins’ long read here.

More Philly on the road news, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is registering folks for an upcoming photo tour of New Orleans. Sounds fun!

Knight Cities Challenge includes 20 proposals from Philadelphia, the most of any of the Challenge cities. Congratulations to finalists, including the Brothers Network, for their Multi-City Harlem Renaissance project. Winners chosen soon. The entire list is here. Here are our faves among the Philadelphia proposals:

The Meadow at Wister Station by Baynton Hill Neighbors Association(submitted by Amanda Staples): Attracting and retaining talented people by revitalizing the blighted corridor near the Wister rail station with a perennial garden.

City Safari by City Safari (submitted by Marjolijn Masselink): Increasing civic engagement with city tours led by locals that take visitors to places that are off the beaten path….(Hmm where have we heard of Safaris before? – the editor)

Harlem Renaissance: Multicity Retrospective Festival by The Brothers’ Network (submitted by Gregory Walker): Breaking down barriers and fostering community pride by showcasing the contribution of African-American men to cultural life in Knight communities.

Viola Street Connector by Viola Street Residents Association (submitted by Joyce Smith): Breaking down community barriers by transforming a dilapidated alley that connects the Parkside Historic District and the Centennial District with art and events.

The Colored Girls Museum by The Colored Girls Museum (submitted by Vashti DuBois): Building pride in Philadelphia’s underserved neighborhoods by documenting the stories of Philadelphia’s black women through exhibits in residents’ houses.

Reengaging Youth in Education and Communities: Design Build Rebooted by Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation, Drexel University (submitted by Geraldine Wang): Increasing civic engagement by helping high school youth to shape their own communities through a design-build studio run by Drexel University.

Institute of Hip-Hop Entrepreneurship by Little Giant Creative (submitted by Tayyib Smith): Increasing economic opportunity by using hip-hop to provide hands-on business training to members of low-income groups.

Rewilding Philadelphia (submitted by Molly Lux): Creating a network of parks and “wild” spaces in the city to help residents learn about the environment and reconnect with nature.



Do you need to be rich to be an artist by Ben Davis at artnet.

List of amazing 2016 shows of works by African American artists (and forthcoming books, including a career-spanning book on the late Terry Adkins).


Former Artblog contributor and recent Moore College of Arts and Design graduate, Leah Koontz wrote to say her work is included in a group show at Mt. Airy Arts Garage this month, and will be in an upcoming show at New Boon(e). Congrats, Leah!