Artblog presents – Art Safari to Philly alternative galleries

It's the return of the Artblog Art Safari! Anna Marie Gibertini recaps our outing earlier this month. Stay tuned for more. -- Artblog editor

The Art Safari is back.


On March 4, a group of intrepid art students from the Barnes Foundation, led by artist John B. Gatti, took a tour of Vox Populi, Savery Gallery, and Space 1026. Artblog’s executive director, Roberta Fallon, and Temple University professor Jennifer Zarro acted as guides and intermediaries between the visiting students and artists debuting new works. Over the course of four hours, the group saw sundry exhibitions covering topics as multifarious as: romantic love, the quest for citizenship, astrobiology, anarchist philosophy, and the intersection of feminism and shamanism. A quick stop at the Trestle Inn, Philadelphia’s historic whiskey and go-go bar, for libations and discussion broke up the evening into two invigorating and stimulating halves.

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