Flora Ward talks about Quentin Morris and Jayson Musson – Give a listen!

Listen to a new podcast by Flora Ward and Roberta speaking at the radio broadcast booth at the Galleries at Moore. Talk about art, cats, and more art! --Artblog editor

Artblog contributor and editor, Flora Ward, talks with me about her recent reviews of two exhibitions that intrigued her greatly. We also talk about her journey to Philadelphia from South Carolina, Toronto and elsewhere. Listen to the 18-minute conversation we had at the lovely Radio booth at the Galleries at Moore.

Flora Ward before podcast
Flora Ward at the Galleries at Moore Radio broadcast booth on May 11, 2016

And swing around back on Friday, May 20, for another podcast, coming up, this one with Ed Bronstein, painter, architect, participant in Art in the Open and general community-spirited citizen.  Here’s the page for that interview on the radio station website .