Talking with Ed Bronstein, architect, artist and art community organizer!

Roberta interviews Ed Bronstein about his journey from architect to artist. The podcast was captured at the Galleries at Moore radio station. - Artblog editor

Ed Bronstein’s brushy, expressionistic paintings capture scenes — au plein air — that include buildings, parks, dogs (lots of dogs), trucks (lots of trucks) people and more. Ed was instrumental in founding Art in the Open and if you visited that festival recently you may have seen him out there with his paints and easel chronicling the beauty that inspires him. But, have easel – will travel, and earlier this year he spent time in New York painting scenes all around Lower Manhattan.

Ed talks about gaining confidence and really feeling like an artist. The interview is 32 minutes long.

Ed Bronstein at the Moore Galleries radio station
Artist and Architect, Ed Bronstein, at the Galleries at Moore radio station