Clint Takeda + Scott Hewicker Talk about Psychedelia, Music, and Art

Clint Takeda and Scott Hewicker talk about their musical interests and their art making in this 35-minute interview. Very good talk! - Artblog Editor

Clint Takeda and Scott Hewicker met 15 years ago when Takeda was head preparator at the ICA and Hewicker was a featured artist in Alex Baker’s East Meets West exhibition. They had a lot in common–both were in bands, both loved psychedelia, and both made deep and trippy art. This month the two meet again in the 2-person exhibition, Wax and Wane at Grizzly Grizzly, (more about the show at the Grizzly Grizzly website)with paintings by both artists and sculpture by Takeda. The work is influenced by music (Takeda is a founding and current member of Bardo Pond) and by ideas of what’s present in the world but not in material form. Listen to this very nice 35 minute conversation, covering a lot of East Coast/West Coast material with humor and very smart observations. The show at Grizzly is up to Oct. 2.

Clint Takeda (l) and Scott Hewicker (r)
Clint Takeda (l) and Scott Hewicker (r) before our conversation at TGMR station
Clint Takeda and Scott Hewicker
Clint Takeda and Scott Hewicker, Wax and Wane, installation detail

Thank you to The Galleries at Moore TGMR radio project for making this podcast possible, and especially to Matt Kalasky for inviting Artblog to participate in the Moore radio project. Listen to the interview with Clint Takeda and Scott Hewicker at the TGMR site here.