Eileen Neff Talks Poetry, Nature, and Travel

Eileen Neff talks to Roberta about her love of nature and poetry and how they enter into her works, and about being enthralled by her dad's hand-made tools. Neff also talks about being awarded a 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship in this 35-minute podcast interview. – Artblog Editor

Artist, Pew Fellow, and 2016 Guggenheim Grantee Eileen Neff makes photographs and prints them large, small, framed or unframed, and, recently, shaped–like her photo of a leaf is shaped like a leaf, which appeared in her 2015 solo show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, which represents her. Influenced by the spaces around her and the nature she experiences, her photos can be quizzical, ominous, or humorous, even while they are all pretty deadpan. I spoke with her about her current work and about being a writer and educator as well as an artist.

Eileen Neff, Bluejays Looking at Blue
Eileen Neff, Blue Jays Looking at Blue, digital print

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