Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh exposes and fosters creativity in North Philadelphia

Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh thinks deeply about issues of art, class, relational actions and communities. He acts as a curator of people and creativity. And his writings expose a committed artist who articulates a complex definition of art and his hopes for it in the world. We hope you enjoy this very good conversation. - Artblog Editor

Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh (center), Tamia Garcia (left) and Tiyanna Scott (right)
International SPACES artist in residence, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh, with team members, Tamia Garcia (left) and Tiyanna Scott (right)

After a seven-month residency at the SPACES program at the Village of Arts and Humanities, two international artists, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh, who is from Ghana, and Olanrewaju (Lanré) Tejuoso, who is from Nigeria, are preparing for their projects’ culminating exhibition and Open Mic session, this Friday, Dec. 9, 6PM – 10 PM. Open Mic begins at 7PM.

Kwasi’s project involves a team of five people, himself and Aaron Sawyer, Jaquan Fields, Tamia Garcia and Tiyanna Scott. Tiyanna and Tamiya came with Kwasi and they all generously talked about their team, and the ideas of art as a safe space to interact and make things, and about welcoming in community artists and makers to share their experiences and their talents openly in the Open Mic nights and in other public gatherings. It’s a great talk about art whose point is not necessarily a material object but something more ephemeral — empathy, community, and creativity.

The podcast took place on Nov. 30 and is 32 minutes of really interesting conversation by the team.

Thank you to The Galleries at Moore TGMR radio project for making this podcast possible, and especially to Matt Kalasky for inviting Artblog to participate in the Moore radio project. Listen to the interview with Kwasi, Tami and Ti at the TGMR site here.