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Congratulations Paul Cava, Dave and Ilyssa Kyu, Collective Action organizers (go to their silent auction!), PAFA gets gift for printmaking and digital media + hosts alumni foundry show, Plus Art Condo + an Opportunity!

News today includes a bit silent auction for charity in response to the Trump inauguration, some congratulations and an opportunity! - Artblog Editor



Collective Action – From the Streets Department‘s Conrad Benner and friends, a silent auction of donated art to try to raise $20,000 for ten local and national social justice groups. Read more about it:

Collective Action organizers
Collective Action organizers, Conrad Benner (center) and Grace Ahn, Jacob Klensin, Brooke Di Leone and Daniel Levine

WHO: Collective Action
WHAT: A silent art auction to raise money for 10 local and national social justice organizations that will be on the front lines during Trump’s presidency
WHEN: Saturday, January 14th (2017) from 6-9pm
WHERE: 990 Spring Garden Street
More information here.

…The initial idea for Collective Action came from Grace Ahn the week after the election. After
reaching out to and brainstorming with the other four co-organizers, our auction was originally
planned to take place in mid-December at a small local bar with about 10 artists and a
fundraising goal of $2,500. After a single call-to-artists on Facebook, however, we collectively received messages from well over 150 local artists who were interested in contributing work, we then pushed back the auction to the week of Trump’s inauguration, when we feel people’s discontentment at the reality of Trump’s Presidency will lead to an increased desire for protest and action. We found a much larger venue. And we raised our fundraising goal!

Some the am amazing artists donating work to Collective Action include: Aubrie Costello, Adam
Englehart, Joe Boruchow, Michelle Angela Ortiz, Ana Mañana, Amberella with Philadelphia Woodcraft Company, Angela McQuillen, Bianca DePietro, Dominic Episcopo, Alana Bograd, Catzie Vilayphonh, Felt+Fat, Jaiya Bhandari, Feminist Apparel, Monica O, Mackenzie Vaughan Pikaart, Gregory Maxim, Noah Levey, Brendan Lowry (aka Peopledelphia ), Sam Heimer, Jessica Gamble, Krista Dedrick Lai, Kristin Schattenfield-Rein, Billy Cress, Sean 9 Lugo, Kelly Kozma, Jen Cleary, Sean Brown, Stephen Megargee, Low Level, Luke Cloran , Tamsen Wojtanowski, Shawn Hileman (aka Masthead Prin Studio), Thomas Buildmore, Ryan Strand Greenberg, Emma Fried-Cassorla (aka Philly Love Notes), Sean Martorana, Zoe Cohen, Darla Jackson, and many many MANY more!

The minimum bids and ‘buy now’ prices for our 100+ donating artists’ work range widely, which
means we will likely have work you can buy/bid on no matter what price range you’re working

Collective Action is a direct response to the election of Donald Trump and to the
increasingly dangerous, self-serving people he has brought into his administration. We (the organizers) are eager to do something. To do something to combat what will likely be right-(possibly “alt-right”)-leaning policies. And to defend the progress we as a country have made, and fight for the progress we still need to make. We see that many other Philadelphians feel this same hunger for constructive action, and we invite anyone ready to defend progressive American values to join us!


From Rider Gallery to Art Condo
Michele Gambetta wrote to say she’s started a nifty space-sharing enterprise in the 5 boroughs of New York and in New Jersey. We met Gambetta in 2003 when she had a Ryder truck parked in Chelsea, which was a portable gallery — Rider Gallery — to show work by artists who were not in the blue chip galleries. See our post. It was a great community-spirited project and Art Condo seems to be another. Michele says, “We will be setting up these (art condo) spaces in all 5 boroughs, starting with South Bronx and Brooklyn!” Read more:

ArtCondo ( is an artist-run real estate initiative helping artists and creative businesses purchase space in NYC in a new way. ArtCondo gathers creative people together to form buying groups to leverage their collective buying power and to purchase space collectively. Professional timeshares, raw commercial workspaces and live/work lofts are offered with new collective purchasing and ownership models. Artists, gallery owners, arts foundations, arts residencies, non-profits and creative businesses of all types are all eligible to participate. Special emphasis will be upon Community spaces and connection to surrounding neighborhoods.
One month timeshares for creative professionals to purchase are being offered for national and international artists as a new way to create, exhibit and/or sell creative “wares” in the NYC marketplace annually. Spaces will be industrial-style with large windows, freight elevator and concrete construction, and can be used as exhibition spaces, visual art studios, music and rehearsal studios, art storage, collaborative locales, classes or workshops and for all forms of creative businesses. Spaces vary in size. Groups and collectives are encouraged to apply together. Sign up at to learn more and receive updates.

About Michele Gambetta, ArtCondo Founder:
Michele Gambetta is a native-New Yorker and NYC-based artist who has been working in commercial and residential real estate for the last 15 years. Michele is the recipient of a Presidential Scholarship and BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an MFA from School of Visual Arts, and attended University of Chicago. Between 2003-2009, she founded and ran RIDER Projects, a community-focused mobile art gallery based in the social sculpture ideas of Joseph Bueys, exploring the potential of art to create positive social change. In 2005 and 2006 she was awarded Brooklyn Arts Council re-grants through the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and an Independence Community Foundation Grant in 2007. Michele has a Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investment from NYU Schack Institute, and is a Certified Negotiation Expert. She has worked for a Manhattan developer and is a licensed real estate salesperson with extensive professional relationships in NYC real estate.

PAFA -1 – $500,000 gift for expanded printmaking and digital
Read Stephan Salisbury’s article. The big news as far as we’re concerned is (digital! first digital photography course and new digital lab):

“It’s a great working environment, “ he said, adding that the augmented capabilities will facilitate, among other things, a new digital lab, the first digital photography course in the spring, and added graduate programs.” – David Brigham, academy president and chief executive and interim museum director.

Via Tish Ingersoll – PAFA 2 – Foundry show at Alumni Gallery features bronze castings

Elizabeth Nickles, bronze statue of goat
Elizabeth Nickles, Bhairav Festival Sacrifice, Nepal, 8 x 4 x 4.5″, Bronze, Lohtka paper, 2016

I hope you will have a chance to see the current exhibit in the PAFA Alumni Gallery. It is a beautiful exhibit of sculpture by 17 alumni. The exhibit, From the PAFA Foundry: 30 years of Casting, was curated by Joshua Koffman and John Greig, both PAFA Alumni. Here is what they have to say about the show.

“Over the last 30 years the sculpture facilities at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts have evolved from a traditional figure modeling studio with a few saws and hand tools, to a comprehensive fully functioning state of the art workshop. Part of that evolution includes PAFA’s foundry which was upgraded in 2006 when the school moved into it’s current location at 128 North Broad Street.

In 1986 Gary Weisman began teaching about the figure at PAFA . Weisman put together a foundry in the school that students could learn from and use to produce their own bronze sculptures. This enabled students not only to conceive of grand bodies of works, but also produce their works, empowering them beyond school and in their own practices, careers, and for several of them, their own studio foundries.

All of the sculptors in the show are PAFA alumni who have continued as stewards and promoters of the tradition, and who have gone on to remarkable success. Each have made notable contributions to the art world through public and private collections, public monuments, workshops, teaching, and even establishing art collectives. They represent a cross section of the art community that is gaining recognition as a phenomena unique to Philadelphia, and through the eyes of future students, unique to PAFA.

Curators John Greig and Joshua Koffman both currently teach in the sculpture department at PAFA. In 2007 Greig and Koffman helped co-found the Philadelphia Traction Company, an artist collective that provides sculpture workshop facilities, studio rentals, and art production to the greater community. “

Paul Cava’s book, The Children of Adam, looks beautiful! More here.

Campfire Stories podcast with Dave Kyu and Ilyssa Kyu Listen here.

Via Plan Philly – Free Library talk on Philly’s religious oddities – Madame Blavatsky, Father Divine, Harry’s Occult Shop
Thurs. Jan. 12, 9-9PM Free
Register here.
At the Free Library of Philadelphia
Montgomery Auditorium
1901 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Via Roses Madrigal…Porch Light program of Mural Arts seeks proposals
Complete information here.