Contemplation matters

A quick list of reading material for this day of contemplation, Inauguration Day, 2017. - Artblog Editor

Today we have many things to contemplate. Whether out and active or quietly staking out your own territory for action, here are three links with material worth contemplating. Thank you, Matthew Rose, for passing along the Artsy link.

kerry james marshall
Kerry James Marshall. American, born Birmingham,
Alabama 1955
Better Homes, Better Gardens
Acrylic and collage on canvas
8 ft. 4 in. × 11 ft. 10 in. (254 × 360.7 cm)
Denver Art Museum
© Kerry James Marshall
Photo: courtesy Denver Art Museum.

Twenty artists for the Trump era. Artsy

We could have avoided President Donald Trump. Now, we must learn the lessons. By Rebecca Solnit at The Guardian


Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln – March 4, 1865