Staying sane and staying active
Artblog is pleased to welcome local artist and curator Kathy Cho as our new Reader Advisor. This week, Kathy has some solid advice on how to stay sane and keep fighting the good fight in these turbulent times. – Artblog Editor


For this Reader Advisor, I have been thinking a lot about resources and strategies of self-care and healing. Some are experiencing their first time being politically active, others are continuing on their marathon. Being constantly politically active, immersed, and empathetic will likely be draining for most people.

Has keeping up with the news or scrolling through social media been overwhelming for you too? Maybe we’re not seeing all the information we could or want to see. Here’s a website that has a myriad of resources in one place on how to take care of your body in this new administration, and how you can help.

I took some time on Friday to go see the new James Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro. It is always eerie and perhaps disappointing when ideas about equality and civil rights from 50 years ago still viscerally resonate with the injustices some experience today. Here is a short essay by James Baldwin on an artist/writer/creative’s relationship with politics.

And perhaps a shameless plug, it’s been a pleasure to work with artist, writer, and friend Diamond Stingily. She has recently started a Friday night radio show on the platform Know Wave where she invites other artists and writers to share a song and a reading. Diamond has a magnetic and enigmatic personality, which works wonderfully with the intimate nature of listening to a radio show or podcast and the content of the readings that she shares. Check out some archived shows here or catch her show live on a Friday night.

Lastly, Sampha’s new album Process was released this past week. It’s an extremely soothing, beautiful and poetic album. Here’s an interview with him, speaking on his personal journey and coming to terms with anxieties.


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