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Rose Luardo on humor, comedy and her first solo exhibition

Rose Luardo talks about art and humor and how the art world eschews humor, but humor can be highly artistic. Rose is both hilarious and artistic. Her conversation is energetic and funny and you will thoroughly enjoy this interview.

artist Rose Luardo
Artist Rose Luardo posing at our interview at the Galleries at Moore

Rose Luardo is a performer, singer, comedy sketch artist and artist. You may have seen her with Andrew Jeffrey Wright in the New Dreamz or as a singer with Sweatheart, the alternative rock band. In her first solo exhibition at Practice Gallery (the show closed Feb. 26, 2017), she has created a theatrical tableau with several big elements, one of which involves the viewers climbing into a psychedelic-patterned coffin in the middle of the gallery space. The installation — in which Rose and her intern, Em, and Andrew Jeffrey Wright performed at the opening — is filled with personal references for the suburban-raised artist and it includes humor and a sense of nostalgia. Rose talks about the inspiration for the installation, its creation, with help from a number of friends, and her next move. See images below from the installation and learn more about Rose at her website. The interview took place Feb. 21, 2017, and the podcast is 38 minutes long.

detail of installation with open coffin
Rose Luardo, detail, My Daughter’s Wedding, at Practice Gallery
detail of installation with wall of soft sculpture
Rose Luardo, detail, My Daughter’s Wedding, at Practice Gallery, showing coffin an “tittie wall.”
detail of installation  with "woods" and coffin
Rose Luardo, detail, My Daughter’s Wedding, at Practice Gallery. Woodsporn with coffin

Thank you to The Galleries at Moore TGMR radio project for making this podcast possible, and especially to Matt Kalasky for inviting Artblog to participate in the Moore radio project. You can also listen to the interview with Rose Luardoro at the TGMR site here.