Join us for a Callowhill Art & History Walking Tour with Hidden City’s Pete Woodall

Art & History, together at last, in this tour of the Callowhill neighborhood and its artist-run art spaces! Join us for an Art & History tour of the Callowhill Neighborhood with Hidden City's Pete Woodall, this Friday, May 5, 2017, from 6:00–8:30pm.

319 North 11th Street in the Callowhill Neighborhood of Philadelphia
319 North 11th Street in the Callowhill Neighborhood of Philadelphia

The History

Join Hidden City’s Pete Woodall for a half-hour tour of the neighborhood with five names (Callowhill, Chinatown North, Loft District, Testletown and Eraserhood). We’ll delve into the history of the surrounding blocks, which despite a recent wave of gentrification remain an atmospheric mixture of decaying factory buildings, rail lines, and narrow streets. We’ll even explore the history of the Vox Building itself!

The Art

Join Artblog’s Roberta Fallon, Flora Ward, and Evan Laudenslager at 319 North 11th Street, the so-called “Vox” building, a rabbit warren of eight (at last count) alternative galleries run by artists.

First Friday is the most exciting time to see these spaces since the galleries have their opening receptions that night. The sculptures, paintings, and videos will be colorful and experimental–and, who knows, there might even be an impromptu performance. Young artists and art lovers mingle, drink cheap beer, share gossip, and look at the art–it’s a scene.

While we will visit each gallery in the building on May 5, we will spend most of our time at Vox Populi, the oldest of the alternative spaces, founded in 1988, and in a few of the newer spaces, like Grizzly Grizzly, Marginal Utility, and Automat. While there is an elevator in the 6-story building, it’s more fun to climb the stairs and rub elbows with the crowd of art lovers who come out for the openings.

We will wrap up with refreshments at the Trestle Inn, with some great happy hour specials. History, art, and whiskey sours–what more could you ask for? Join us!

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See you there!

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