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From the Vault, Amze Emmons’ shaky cityscapes on Artblog Radio
In this From the Vault post from 2011, Libby and Roberta talk with Amze Emmons about his work creating pastel-hued dystopias that are magnetic and enigmatic. Emmons's works are featured at the Gershman Y right now in a pairing with (also wonderful) work by Lynne Clibanoff. The show is up to August 27, 2017. Be sure to get over and see it.


[Originally published February 2011]

Amze Emmons in his studio
Amze Emmons in his studio at 12th and Carpenter

Artist Amze Emmons’ forlorn cityscapes of shaky, provisional dwellings seem ever more pertinent as we view on the news the tent cities in the center of Cairo. We talked to Emmons about his name, his art, and about his Refugee Reading Room exhibit at Space 1026. For the show, now in its last week, he invited about 50 artists to contribute prints and zines, all is free for the taking. Emmons is prolific and networked. He showed in 13 shows last year, from Philadelphia to Seattle to Osaka, Japan. And Emmons, who teaches at Muhlenberg College, is heavily involved in Printeresting, an amazing national blog/art project all about printing (look for a Printeresting-curated show at this year’s Southern Graphics Conference event in St. Louis).

This episode is edited by Peter Crimmins. The music is by Eric Biondo. Thanks to the Knight Foundation and our series sponsor, Fleisher Art Memorial, for their support of this project. And thanks to our partner WHYY, which shares Artblog Radio episodes on their community news site

[This artist interview was originally published on Artblog in February 2011]


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