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Carl(os) Roa’s Andean Mountains, incorporating Latin roots with an anime-influenced other self

Carl(os) Roa is bringing Andean Mountains, his Fringe Festival solo performance, to Taller Puertorriqueño Sept. 7-15, 2017. Roa tells Roberta and Imani that Andean Mountains is about a generational displacement between Latin youth who love anime and manga and their elders' who love telenovelas. How can the children of immigrants reconcile the various streams of culture coming at them? By repurposing familial culture and making it your own, says Roa. Andean Mountains will have digital elements, movement, and storytelling, in English and Spanish. Get your tickets now, this is going to be great!

Carl(os) Roa, author and performer, Andean Mountains
Carl(os) Roa, author and performer, Andean Mountains

Carl(os) Roa is of Colombian heritage, but was born in Miami and influenced growing up by a whole other world of cultural influences including Japanese anime and manga. How he integrates his Latin heritage with the other parts of his world will play out in his new piece, Andean Mountains, a Fringe Festival performance that premiers at Taller Puertorriqueño, Sept. 7-15, 2017.

Sept. 7th (Preview) – 7 PM
Sept. 8th – 7 PM (Opening)
Sept. 9th – 2 PM (Talkback) + 7 PM
Sept. 14th – 7 PM
Sept. 15th – 7 PM (Closing)
Taller Puertorriqueño – 2600 N 5th St, 19133
Preview – $10, General Admission – $15
Reserve Tickets at Fringe Arts
*This piece contains sections in both English and Spanish, with no translation.
Written and Performed by Carl(os) Roa
Directed by José Avilés
Movement by Elyas Harris
Production Design by Logan Cryer

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