My Art Broker digs deeper to answer the age-old question, “Who is Banksy?”

In this sponsored post, My Art Broker tells us about their recently published article about the illusive identity of British-born Street Artist, Banksy.

Banksy and Shakespeare: Two People? Or more?

What do two legends five centuries apart have in common? And are we witnessing the creation of a modern myth? These are two theories pondered in an article by MyArtBroker collating and examining all the evidence surrounding the illusive identity of a worldwide phenomenon, and aims to answer a question that now lurks in the depths our collective unconscious: Who is Banksy?

In recent years British-born Street Artist, Banksy’s, artworks, political protests, pranks and events have become increasingly international and viewed on the global stage – aided by the advent of social media; so there are now very few people on this earth who have not heard of Banksy, or at the very least would not have seen one of his artworks. But up until now, despite numerous attempts by journalists, scientists and the general public, no one – except for his impenetrable inner circle — has known who exactly this mysterious ‘Banksy’ is.

In a recent interview with Distraction Pieces podcast it seemed like, for the umpteenth time, Banksy’s identity had been revealed in a slip of the tongue by DJ, former street artist and purported friend, Goldie. But with the upcoming release of a new book, The Unusual Suspects, and suggestions from those who have worked in close proximity to the man himself, there is mounting evidence that suggests Banksy is not what, or whom, we have previously assumed he is. This article explores the eyewitness testimonies that claim to reveal Banksy once and for all – the twist to the tale being: There is more than one Banksy.

Banksy and Shakespeare
Banksy and Shakespeare, Illusive identities of the men who helped shape Britain, five centuries apart. Image courtesy of My Art Broker.

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