Coming this June, Beth Heinly’s advice for you! What do you want to Ask Beth?

Our advice column, Ask Artblog, debuted earlier this month with Dave Kyu's column about should I go to graduate school. In June, we will be launching Ask Artblog twice a month with Beth Heinly answering your questions. See Beth's note below and tell all your friends about this new opportunity for them to ask questions of a pro, whose advice will be honest, as she says, and could be pretty hilarious, too. The mailbox is open! Send your questions to Beth at

Ask Beth. Beth Heinly, photo courtesy of the artist
Ask Beth. Beth Heinly, photo courtesy of the artist

Hello Friends,
This is Beth writing to ask, do you have a question for me? And now I will awkwardly segue into writing in the 3rd person. Beth Heinly is a house cleaner by day, by all the time; local humorist, artist, performance artist, cat enthusiast, self-proclaimed feminist and comic writer living in Philadelphia. She goes by the pronouns she/her, note introduction of sentence. Sometimes they go by they too. They (Beth) have a weekly comic published on Artblog entitled “The 3:00 Book” where in the future they will also have featured on Artblog a bi-weekly advice column for the art world at large. Though she is far from a professional at anything and privileged in many ways, Beth has the capacity to be honest, which is that rare quality we all seek when being given advice.

Back to first person Beth. Please consider asking me a question you’ve been wanting an honest answer to – I have some examples to lead you on. I might remind you now that you can ask anonymously or otherwise I will use your first name in response on the blog. I will also be receiving all questions from Please email me. The first post will be posted on June 4th 2018.

Example Questions

Dear Beth, I Mean Artblog, I have very little money each month and never really sell my art. Do I need an artists’ studio?

Dear Artblog, How does one default on their student loans?

Dear Artblog, I’m comfortable living in Philly, but not sure it’s such a good idea for my art career. What cities do you recommend living in as an artist?

Dear Artblog, What are some of the best online stores for artists to sell their artwork?

Dear Artblog, How do I get an art critic to review my artwork?

Dear Artblog, I have an art event coming up, but no one is RSVPing to my Facebook Event. What should I do to get people to come out to my event and RSVP on Facebook?

Dear Artblog, There’s this girl I have a crush on I see every First Friday. What’s a good way to start a conversation with them?

Dear Artblog, I’m pretty sure my cat has worms. How do I treat them?

Dear Artblog, I just adopted a new cat. Do you know any good cat names?

Dear Artblog, I’m emailing with an exhibition space – what’s the best way to end my email? How do I sound aloof and cool while also eager to show my art in their space?

Dear Artblog, So is it normal for project spaces to not pay exhibiting artists? Should I ask for money?

I’ll be waiting for your questions. That email again is Have a blessed day.