S.O.S. from Portside Arts Center, ‘Trumpmore,’ and Carnival de Resistance wants You
A Trifecta of news and information for you, including a call for help from a River Wards art center; a call for participation in a socially-responsible carnival and a story about a great eco-art project involving a melting glacier and the head of our current climate-change denying President.



PORTSIDE Arts Center needs help. We are sad to hear that the only community art center in the River Wards is experiencing financial peril. Read the story in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Portside is trying to raise $50k by October 2018.


Composite/Getty Images
Composite/Getty Images

Climate activist artists propose carving Donald Trump’s head on the side of a melting glacier in a project they call “Trumpmore.”


Via Betty Leacraft…via Phoebe Bachman, project manager for Philadelphia Assembled passed on this opportunity: The Carnival de Resistance is seeking artists for their July and August weekends of resistance-themed projects. From Phoebe’s note:

I was recently contacted by the Carnival de Resistance who is putting together their big presentation this summer. They have a call out for installation artists and sideshow acts if you’re interested. Also please feel free to pass this to folks outside of the PHLA network.

The Carnival de Resistance is building their main stage and midway at Arch St UMC (in Center City) this summer. Their residency weekends will be full of theatrical shenanigans – July 27th & 28th, and August 3rd & 4th. The Carnival midway a place filled with art and performance for social change – sideshow acts, games, interactive installations, crafts and local groups educating about local justice issues. This space is designed as a collectivist game, with plenty of choices and freedom for how the revelers (Carnival audience) may engage. Check our their call out for installation artists and sideshow acts, and see if you have interest in contributing to this Carnival world.



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