Happy Fourth of July and Remembering Gettysburg
Happy Holiday! As you may know, July 1-4, 1863, were the days of the Battle of Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, fought in the state of Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia.


Gettysburg, PA, is 139 miles from Philadelphia. As someone who believes, with many others, that the aftermath of the Civil War still haunts our lives and plays out in our politics, I read about the War, read about the battles, the loss of lives, and have been to Gettysburg. I highly recommend the trip. The national Historic Park is very moving to experience in person. The interpretive center does a great job educating about the battle in the context of the greater War.

The video below is 16-minutes long. It tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg in great detail that includes useful animated maps of the complex moves of the two armies, re-enactment scenes (a little too many of those) and documentary photos. Take time to watch. Thanks to Steve for the steer to this material and to Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe for including the serious good video, produced by the Civil War Trust, part of the American Battlefield Trust, an activist group seeking to restore the nation’s many battlefields from this war and others.

Fireworks Happy Fourth of July


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