Join the Citizen Salon and help curate Arthur Ross Gallery show, Plus, Opportunity at Center for Creative Works

Arthur Ross Gallery would like your input in selecting an exhibit! Browse the Citizen Salon website and select your choice for the gallery exhibit. Also, opportunity with Center for Creative Works to host/teach/mentor a couple of their students in your studio.


Citizen Salon, a Crowdsourced exhibition wants You to help select what's in the show.  Open to all. Photo is detail of the citizen salon website.
Citizen Salon, a Crowdsourced exhibition wants You to help select what’s in the show. Open to all. Photo is detail of the citizen salon website.

Join the Citizen Salon and help Arthur Ross Gallery curate a show in the gallery! Submissions close Sept. 15, 2018

Heather Gibson Moqtaderi, Assistant Director / Associate Curator, writes:

…We are asking that our audience members (from arts organization leaders, writers, curators, and artists to members of the general public who appreciate art) select an artwork that they’d like to see in the exhibition. Here is a link that goes directly to the artwork selection site. The crowd-sourcing process ends on September 15th, and the resulting data and commentary will shape the scope of the exhibition, which opens on December 1st. Programming will be driven by the results of the crowd-sourcing as well. Complete details and explanation behind the crowdsourced show at the Citizen Salon web page on the gallery’s website.



Center for Creative Works open call for projects providing their artists opportunity to learn from you in your studio. DEADLINE – AUGUST 31, 2018

From Samantha Mitchell…Center for Creative Works is hosting an open call for submissions for our Allies in Art initiative, inviting proposals for five to eight-week-long projects that invite artists from CCW to work out of their studios in the Philadelphia arts community. Successful applicants receive a stipend and materials budget for the project.

PROJECT PROPOSAL — the following information is required from artists
applying for Allies in Art. Submit applications to Samantha Mitchell at
Artist name:
Time span of proposed project:
1. Description of proposed project
2. Proposal for final event
3. Week-by-week schedule/timeline
4. Materials/budget breakdown

5. Based on the work you’ve seen (either in-person or on CCW’s Instagram)
are there any specific CCW artists you’re eager to work with?
6. Location of studio, and additional locations you plan to work from (if any).
7. Are there any considerations to take into account in the set-up of your
studio space – accessibility, etc?
8. How might the opportunity to work with CCW artists benefit you as an artist
and influence your own creative practice?
9. Artist bio, statement, and images of work
10. Three proposed time windows from February – June 2019 that could work
for you.

Read more about Allies in Art.
Full details of open call.

Questions? Contact Samantha Mitchell at