Superfine! Helps Artists Build a Sustainable Collector Base Through its D.C. Art Fair

In this sponsored post, Superfine! tells us about their upcoming Art Fair in Washington, D.C. The fair will take place October 31st through November 4th, 2018 at Dock 5 at Union Market.

“The art-world antidote to ‘the bloated, over-sized art fair model” —artnet

Superfine! DC is bringing a fun, approachable, and sustainable art market to more than 10,000 art-hungry visitors at DC’s Union Market this Halloween, and there’s still a chance to be a part of the action. The fair is already 80% full, with only 11 artist placements remaining (four 12 foot booths and seven 16 foot booths). Over the last 3 years, Superfine! has delivered an out-sized program that was designed to foster sales among both established and new collectors. By building a transparent, approachable art market we encourage more and more affluent art-lovers to cross the bridge from art-curious to art collector with each edition of the fair that prides itself on sustainable sales and a fair atmosphere for all.

The fair will kick off with a Masquerade Vernissage opening on Halloween night in collaboration with Washingtonian Magazine. Each day and evening of the fair is uniquely programmed to reach a different core audience, with uniquely suited media partners and educational programs designed to drive not only attendance but collectorship. The fair’s strategic marketing also extends to partnerships with every international embassy in Washington DC, more than 60 university alumni groups, Equinox gyms, and 170+ high-end condo and luxury apartment buildings.

Superfine! Art Fair in New York City.
Superfine! Art Fair in New York City.

Superfine! DC: The Details

Superfine! DC will take place from October 31st through November 4th, 2018 at Dock 5 at Union Market, a beautiful, spacious venue of 13,000+ square feet adjacent to DC’s top food hall, Union Market. Open to both artists and galleries, the fair will host 70 exhibitors from Washington DC and around the globe, exhibiting under 4 programs and 2 special projects.

The application deadline for artist and gallery level exhibitors is September 19, 2018. However, exhibition space typically sells out several months in advance of the deadline. At this writing there are 11 artist placements and 6 gallery placements remaining, so we encourage interested applicants to review the information and apply to confirm a placement before the fair is sold out.

Superfine! Fairs: Approachable, Transparent, Fair. (Oh, and Fun.)

Everything Superfine! revolves around transparency. From their easy-to-read artwork tags (believe it or not, collectors want to know the price) to fairly priced exhibition space with no arbitrary discounts or preferential treatment, the fair’s approach to the new art market is consistently above-the-board in every way possible.

The result? Superfine! brings artists and galleries to market in a friendly, fun, and fair atmosphere while creating an approachable space where new and established collectors both arrive ready to discover and collect their exhibitors’ carefully curated artwork.

Why Exhibit at Superfine!

Never satisfied with the status quo, Superfine! takes a hands-on approach to collector-building and curation in each of their markets. Expect cutting edge digital marketing and re-targeting, programming geared towards all levels of collectors, and the highest curatorial standards for an emerging-level fair.

Their approachable new art market appeals to not only dyed-in-the-wool collectors but those who’ve never collected before, and want to. Deep demographic research combined with targeted marketing and PR mean the fair is serious about not only bringing thousands of eyes to your work, but fostering actual sales. Of the 4,000-8,000 attendees at each edition of Superfine!, more than 20% make a purchase.

Union Market with Superfine! Logo.
Union Market with Superfine! Logo.

To find out more or to join us and be a part of the art fair revolution, visit the Superfine! website.