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Sifu Chik Mason and Rhashea Lynn Harmon-El talk the healing and educational strengths of Bagua

Roberta interviews Sifu Chik Mason and Rhashea Lynn Harmon-El about their practice of Pa Kua Chang (Bagua), a spiritual practice of movement and choreography that is more than 300 years old, with roots in Taoism. The two both trained in ballet, and they practice their choreographed dancing, sometimes called Dragon Dancing, twice a week, and perform for the public at venues like the Rotunda. After our interview, Chik and Rhashea performed one of their dances for us. See that dance at our Instagram feed. The interview is 27 minutes long.

Shifu Chik Mason and Rhashea Lynn Harmon El.
Sifu Chik Mason and Rhashea Lynn Harmon-El.

We met Rhashea Lynn Harmon-El, Esq. and Sifu Chik Mason at Cultureworks, where we talked with them in the Conference Room. The two are dancers, both trained ballet dancers and dancers who practice the ancient choreography of Pa Kua Chang (Bagua), a slow movement practice that is spiritual and, while related to martial arts practice, is “not about tusseling,” as Chik says. It’s about self improvement. Sifu Chik teaches at Zhang Sah, in Philadelphia, on 5th and Bainbridge, which is where Rhashea is a student of Chik’s. See the video of the dance Chik and Rhashea danced for us, at Artblog’s Instagram.

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