A Lexicon In Living Color, Damien Davis talks about the role of wood, empowerment, and impermanence in his new exhibit ‘Color Cargo’
Wit has a chat with Damien Davis, a NYC-based artist whose solo exhibition, “Color Cargo,” is presently on display at The Center for Art in Wood in Old City, Philadelphia. The pieces in the exhibition challenge dehumanization and bigotry in a way that leads the viewer into conversation on the seriousness of works that appear playful at first glance. Enjoy this 33-minute First Friday podcast!


From May 3 – July 20, 2019, you can explore the 3-D wood and plastic collages and the large, colorful wooden crates of artist Damien Davis at The Center for Art in Wood. In these works, Davis has forged a lexicon of shapes representative of aspects of the Black experience. In this 33-minute podcast episode, he explains that lexicon along with other symbolism present in his bold, new body of work.

Many thanks to the amazing staff at The Center for Art in Wood who are always kind and welcoming, and allowed us to use their gallery to record this podcast.

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center for art in wood, Color Cargo, Damien Davis, Jennifer-Navva Milliken, laser cut, natural, plastic, synthetic, wood



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