Temple Contemporary announces ‘Added Velocity’ Grants, new funding to expand audiences for winning projects!

We are always happy when we can say there's new funding for artist projects in Philadelphia, and 'Added Velocity,' supported by the William Penn Foundation, does that - it greatly increases the funds available for Philadelphia artists' projects. 'Added Velocity,' administered by the Velocity Fund, encourages us to hope more artists will apply for the initial VF funding grants, since awardees of that initial VF funding are then eligible to apply for 'Added Velocity,' which will help them expand their work into new audiences, new neighborhoods, new parts of the Philadelphia community.

Now in its second year of awarding project grants directly to Philadelphia artists, the Velocity Fund (VF) has expanded! The VF award portfolio now includes an added initiative, “Added Velocity,” a second year of funding—at $15,000—available to help successful Velocity Fund awardees build momentum for their initial funded projects through building and engaging new audiences.

“Added Velocity is an unprecedented leap in support of individual artists working with new audiences and new communities in the city…Across the board, all artists can apply to Velocity Fund, and if they receive initial funding, they have a way in to Added Velocity. And with Added Velocity and initial Velocity funding, after two years they will have received $20,000,”
explains Rob Blackson, Director of Temple Contemporary at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, and head of the Velocity Fund team.

Initial Velocity Fund awards are granted up to $5,000 for artist projects that are collaborative, experimental and community-focused and completed in 12 months. Now, with “Added Velocity,” five awardees who wish to build new audiences for their initial project, can apply for “Added Velocity” and see their dream realized.

Audience at Cherry Street Pier, Sept. 16, listening to the 2019 VF awardees introduce their projects. Photo by Nicole Pollard
Audience at Cherry Street Pier, Sept. 16, listening to the 2019 VF awardees introduce their projects. Photo by Nicole Pollard

To assist artists in reaching new audiences, local audience engagement experts, Witty Gritty, will mentor the Added Velocity artists to assist with audience engagement. “The one-on-one mentorships will be customized to each person; it depends on what they do and how they do it. It’s not one size fits all…Maybe they want to deepen relationships with specific neighborhoods; Maybe they’re looking for new connections, who do they want to connect with?” said Michelle Freeman of Witty Gritty, speaking of how they will help artists focus on audience building and engagement.

The Velocity Fund is administered by Temple Contemporary of Tyler School of Art and Architecture and supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, as part of their regional re-granting program. Added Velocity is supported by the William Penn Foundation. “The commitment from William Penn Foundation to Added Velocity is a show of commitment and confidence in Philadelphia artists and a show of support for the good work the Velocity Fund has accomplished,” said Blackson.

The new “Added Velocity” program was announced on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, at Cherry Street Pier at a celebration for the current group of Velocity Fund awardees. Applications for Added Velocity are open now until November 15, 2019. To be eligible, applicants must have received a Velocity Grant within 12 months of application and they must reside within the Philadelphia city limits.
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