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Brujo de la Mancha on his two decades of practicing art in Philadelphia

In the third episode of Artblog Radio’s Latinx Heritage Month Series, Wit talks with local teaching artist, performer, activist extraordinaire, Brujo de la Mancha! Brujo shares his experiences about living in Philadelphia for 20+ years, being a performer, and about curating “Mixed Indigeneity.” The podcast is 32 minutes long.

Artblog Bruja de la Mancha 2
Brujo de la Mancha. Photo by Wit López. Edited by Morgan Nitz.

In this 32-minute podcast episode continuing the celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, Wit chats with local artist and activist Brujo de la Mancha. Brujo shares the joys and complexities of being an artist from Mexico living and making art in Philadelphia for the past 20 years. He even shares how he once played a police translator on a fictional television crime show! Brujo also mentions his own background in Aztec dance performance and the upcoming Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebrations in Philadelphia, one of which is featured in Artblog’s Our Picks for October.

Thank you to 40th Street AIR for allowing Artblog to use their gallery in order to record this podcast. You can listen to Artblog Radio on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.