A note from the editor

A quick note from our Managing Editor, Wit, about the recent changes to Artblog Radio. Have you noticed the new transcripts of each podcast episode? Read further to learn more about this and how it connects to Artblog's mission!

Dear Friends of Artblog,

You may have noticed a few things have changed with Artblog Radio recently. The first change is that we now have wonderful intro and outro music for each episode. Many thanks to the very talented Kyle McKay for skillfully creating tunes to bookend our podcast segments. The second change that you may have noticed is the transcription of podcast interviews on our website starting with our November First Friday episode.

Why the transcripts? The team here at Artblog made the collective decision to find a transcription service in order to make Artblog Radio more accessible to our hearing-impaired community members. When Artblog began, it was started with a commitment to activism, and in keeping with that commitment we want to make sure that no members of our readership feel alienated by the media we produce.

We look forward to continuing to make podcast episodes for and about the art community in Philadelphia and beyond!