Artblog’s Roberta Fallon gives tips to artists in Bridgette Mayer’s online Art MBA series

In three quick (one minute) videos, Roberta gives tips on writing an artist statement, approaching media outlets and what else artists should be doing in their art practice. Roberta was invited by Bridgette Mayer to speak with her and answer questions in her free online course, "Art MBA," now screening on Facebook. The interview took place on Dec. 15, 2019, on Facebook.

Roberta Fallon is co-founder, Editor and Executive Director of Artblog
Roberta Fallon is co-founder, Editor and Executive Director of Artblog. Photo by Steve Kimbrough

Hello, All!  I hope you enjoy these three quick hits of video where I give my thoughts on a few things artists can and should do in their art careers. As we say here at Artblog, feedback is welcome.  Let me know what you think at

Thank you to Bridgette Mayer for inviting me to participate in this interesting and useful online course and for asking great, thoughtful questions; and to Pablo Gonzalez for managing, cheering, and supporting this worthwhile endeavor for artists!  Here are three excerpts from the interview.  I hope you enjoy and find them useful. Get in touch with Bridgette at the link above if you’re interested in joining the Art MBA group.  The group is open by invitation only.

What should artists do more of?


Ways to approach media outlets with your information: send it to all the appropriate contacts in the organization.

How to write a good artists statement.