Socialist Grocery

11 panel comic of an interaction between two grocery store workers and a customer who is waiting in line to enter the store during coronavirus.

[Panel 1]: People wearing masks stand in a long line outside of the grocery store, waiting to go in.
Narration: So as of this week, we’ve started asking customers to leave their reusable bags in the lobby while they shop since the virus can live on fabric for multiple days.
[Panel 2]: Sebastian and another employee stand facing a woman with a mask on her chin exposing her mouth and nose. One employee holds a ticket out towards the woman.
Employee: Hi ma’am, I’m just gonna give you a ticket to check your bag at the door.
[Panel 3]: Close-up of the woman responding…
Customer: No thank you- I won’t be doing that.
[Panel 4]: The two employees look shocked by this answer, still holding out the ticket towards the customer.
Employee: um. This is for your safety and ours.
[Panel 5]: Close-up of the woman customer from the side, speaking..
Customer: we both know that’s not true. You don’t know Karl Marx’s history.
[Panel 6]: Sebastian shyly raises one finger and their fellow employee stands next to them, looking mortified.
Sebastian: actually I kind of do-
Customer: I’m very concerned that all these rules are turning us into a communist society.
[Panel 7, 8 and 9]: A close up of Sebastian looking nervous, a close-up of a bug on the customer’s chest, and zooming in even closer to the bug on the shirt..
[Panel 10]: Close-up on Sebastian calling out after the customer as she enters the store,
Sebastian: uh! Ma’am! There’s a big earwig on your breast!
[Panel 11]: The customer walks past both of them into the store, waving them off with her hand.
Customer: if god made it, I LIKE it!!