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Socialist Grocery


10 panel hand drawn and hand painted comic.

[Panel 1]: A senior man wearing a mask grips a gate dividing him and a line of people. Sebastian, wearing a mask, stands in the foreground with their back turned away, looking towards the man.
Narration: A little before 8 AM everyday, the seniors line up outside the store to shop during “senior hour”
Man Customer: (to Sebastian) Hey! I wanna apologize for my behavior earlier!
[Panel 2]: Close-up of the man with his finger up
Man Customer: But that lady really had it comin’!
[Panel 3]: Close-up to a front view of Sebastian, holding their hands up to their mouth and replying
Sebastian: I truly don’t think she did.
[Panel 4]: Inside the store, Sebastian speaks with a lady customer who is wearing a mask.
Narration: 30 minutes earlier…
Lady Customer: Is the store open today? You were closed yesterday.
Sebastian: Oh yeah, we just closed to deep clean because someone tested positive.
Lady Customer: Wait, that’s why?
Sebastian: Oh, y’know what, I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that.
[Panel 5]: Man customer gets very close to old lady customer
[Panel 6]: Close-up to the Lady Customer, with her hand up defensively, speaking.
Lady customer: Excuse me sir, would you mind backing up just a little bit?
[Panel 7]: Close-up front view of the Man Customer with his fists up and an angry expression, replying to the woman, whose back is in the frame.
Man customer: What is your problem? Why are you being such an asshole? You’re really trying to start shit? Right now?
[Panel 8]: A cropped side view of the Man Customer’s angry face yelling at the non-confrontational Lady Customer, and a front view of Sebastian looking very uncomfortable and upset.
Lady customer: I’m sorry….
Man customer: (angrily) I accept your apology!!
Sebastian: okay, NO.
[Panel 9]: Close-up on Sebastian’s face and the back of the Lady Customer’s head.
Sebastian: no, that was backwards. That whole apology was backwards.
[Panel 10]: Sebastian and the Man Customer speaking closely and angrily into each other’s faces. Sebastian gesturing with their hands for emphasis.
Customer: It was forwards!!
Sebastian: It. is. 730. in. the. morning.