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Socialist Grocery


Nine panel "Socialist Grocery" comic of Sebastian getting Covid-19 and visiting a telehealth appointment.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian and his partner Maggie bike in a line, Maggie in the front looking skeptically towards the side and Sebastian behind him making a wincing face.
Narration: In the middle of September, I was biking home with my partner Maggie.
Sebastian: I feel weird and confused and my breathing is weird, I’m gonna cry.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian lays in bed with a pained expression and Maggie sits on the edge of the bed calmly speaking to him.
Narration: We went back to his house and took my temperature. 100.6. Then I laid there while he went to the kitchen.
Maggie: hey, I just made meatballs
Sebastian: Okay.
Maggie: so….the whole house smells meatballs.
Sebastian: no it doesn’t
Maggie: you have coronavirus.

[Panel 3]: Sebastian lays in bed under the covers with his shirt off speaking on the phone to a contact tracer.
Narration: I got a positive test result the next day and a contact tracer called me.
Sebastian (on the phone)-
Person on phone: did you get within 6 feet of anyone this week?
Sebastian: besides my partner, yeah, my ONE coworker, but, I already told him, do I still have to tell you? Will you tell him not to work? Like he shouldn’t, but also he won’t get paid to stay home. Sorry I hate all of this. thanks for what you’re doing.

[Panel 4]: Maggie and Sebastian lay in bed, Sebastian turned to the side and Maggie facing a TV playing a video game.
Narration: since I had already been with Maggie for a few days, and he was exposed, I temporarily moved in with him so my roommate at home wouldn’t get it. Thankfully Maggie never ended up getting sick.

[Panel 5]: Close-up of Sebastian’s phone with MyPenn app alerting Sebastian that his Teleheath appointment will start in 5 minutes.
Sebastian: Oh fuck the doctor’s gonna call me.

[Panel 6]: Sebastian, still laying on his side and looking at his phone, stares at a rack of clothing..
Sebastian: I have to put on a shirt.

[Panel 6]: He picks up a green shirt from a hanger
Narration: I did not check to see what shirt I was taking.

[Panel 7]: Sebastian puts the shirt on as the call starts.

[Panel 8]: Sebastian is connected with the Telehealth doctor. He looks at the screen and realizes that the shirt says “you’re an idiot”. The doctor looks at him with a blank expressionless stare.