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Socialist Grocery


Six panel comic of the Socialist Grocery series by Oli Knowles.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian and a pink-haired co-worker stand facing each other in the break room. They both wear masks, but Sebastian’s is pulled down as they eat a protein bar. Visible is a sign that says “Break Room” and under it, another that says “Notice: To stop the spread of Covid-19, please do not lean on each other and hysterically cry. We know it is tempting. Thank you.”
Co-worker 1: Woah, what’s on the outside of your protein bar?

[Panel 2]: Close-up of Sebastian inspecting the bar and looking at it skeptically…
Co-worker 1 (from outside of the panel’s view): Dippin Dots?
Sebastian: Are Dippin Dots still around?

[Panel 3]: A second co-worker, who has green curly hair and a nose ring, and also wears their mask pulled down, joins the break room conversation.
Co-worker 2: How are they? Did they go under?

[Panel 4]: The view changes to face the second co-worker, who stands in front of a fridge and looks towards the right. The back of Sebastian’s head is visible and they hold a phone, googling Dippin Dots.
Co-worker 2: I wonder.
Sebastian: No, it says they’re marketing their cryogenic technology to other industries…

[Panel 5]: Close-up of Sebastian’s hand holding their phone, shows the the “Dippin Dots” logo and an article that says “One be.. made it’s way to… birthday parties of millions… LLC has sold their patented cryogenic technology to multiple industry sectors including big agriculture, big pharma, aquaculture,…”
Co-worker 2 (from outside the panel): … Like Big Pharma?

[Panel 6]: Close-up of Co-worker 2 with a shocked face, now standing in front of a dark blue patterned wall…
Co-worker 2: Oh my god Dippin Dots is freezing sperm.