Socialist Grocery

7 panel comic of Socialist Grocery by Oli Knowles


[Panel 1]: Sebastian stands in the grocery store wearing a yellow shirt, a name tag, and a red mask. They turn to look towards a customer who has approached them with a question, and who wears a red robe garment and a graphic tee that says “I’m speaking”.
Narration: Normally, I feel like the holidays are supposed to be a time of ‘reset’.
Customer: Excuse me, do you have fresh herbs?

[Panel 2]: Sebastian looks at the customer. Only the back of the customer’s head is now visible as Sebastian gestures and responds.
Sebastian: Did you say flat earth?

[Panels 3]: Close up on the customer’s profile where they stare at Sebastian coldly

[Panels ]: Close up on Sebastian, who stares back intensely

[Panel 5]: Close up on the customer, whose brow is now furrowed and they have brought their thumb and forefinger together to emphasize their words…
Customer (fed up): I. Am. Making. Soup.

[Panel 6]: Sebastian now sits in front of a computer as they scan groceries for another customer and their child child. As they hold a lemon they speak casually with the second customer, the adult of the pair.
Narration: I do NOT think they feel like that this year.
Sebastian (to customer 2): So, what’s your favorite coping mechanism?
Customer 2: oh definitely internet chess.

[Panel 7]: Close-up on Customer 2 who looks mysteriously into Sebastian’s eyes.
Customer 2: it’s like….I wanna take my opponent into a deep dark forrest and only one of us emerges…you know that feeling?
Sebastian (from out of view): No.