Socialist Grocery

Seven panel comic from the series Socialist Grocery


[Panel 1]: Close-up view of Sebastian’s hand holding his smartphone, which is opened up to Instagram. Sebastian is looking at a photo of a family sitting on a park bench.

[Panel 2]: Now, Sebastian’s full body is visible. He is sitting on a toilet with his pants pulled down as he scrolls on his phone.
Narration: Do you ever mean to spend fifteen minutes in the bathroom but you spend an hour in the bathroom because you end up on John Fetterman’s Instagram?


[Panel 3]: Close-up on Sebastian’s face and the back of his from below, as he continues to look at his phone but now with a stressed expression.
Sebastian: What a beautiful family. Fuck I’m probably late for work.

[Panel 4]: Sebastian is at work at the grocery store, checking out a customer with a bitter look on her face. Their mouth is wide open as they speaks to Sebastian and their mask is pulled down to their chin.
Customer: Why can’t we bag our own items?
Sebastian: We don’t want to put the items on our equipment. Reduces the risk of COVID transferring to us. You know. And makes sense since the cases are only going up.
Customer: Oh, SURE they are.

[Panel 5]: Close-up to Sebastian, un-amused, starting back at the customer in disbelief.
Sebastian: They… literally are.


[Panel 6]: Sebastian is back home now, sitting on his bed– with a glass of red wine sitting to right, the rest of the bottle to his left– and working on his laptop.
Narration: Do you ever decide to clean out your google drive late at night and forget you uploaded multiple pictures of John Fetterman?

[Panel 7]: Close-up to the back of Sebastian’s head, now with his computer screen visible, which reveals his google drive window and an open file of John Fetterman campaigning.
Sebastian: This date stamp is from three years ago. Why can’t I escape this?