Grand Ballroom of Doom


One panel comic from the series "Grand Ballroom of Doom." Ted Cruz stands at the bottom center of the panel, wearing a plaid button-up shirt and a suit jacket, and holding a microphone up to his face, which is wrinkled and pouchy. A circular thought bubble with scalloped edges extends from his right ear up into the top left of the panel. Inside of the thought bubble, frozen wind turbines with arms and hands hold middle fingers up to a horrified Ted Cruz, who is backing away from the turbines and waving at them with a pleading right hand. Title (written at the top right of the panel): GRAND BALLROOM OF DOOM. Frozen Wind Turbine (from Ted's thought bubble): "Hey FUCK YOU TED!!" Frozen Wind Turbine 2: "YOU SUCK!!" Frozen Wind Turbine 3: "FUCK TEXAS TOO!!" Ted Cruz (presumably addressing a crowd or camera, though neither are visible): "...And then the frozen wind turbines kicked a puppy! And then they called my wife ugly. And the Democrats just laughed and knocked my books out of my hands. That's why I ran away. Green energy is out of control. They're so mean to me."


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