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Socialist Grocery


6 panel "Socialist Grocery" comic in which Sebastian describes his favorite things about the winter holiday season, and is forced to overhear a customer's strange conversation while he rings up her groceries.


Title: Socialist Grocery

[Panel 1]: Profile view of Sebastian wearing a face mask, walking past a ledge with a carved pumpkin sitting on it.
Narration: If there’s two things I love about the winter holidays, its…

[Panel 2]: Split screen of two men, both wearing masks and basketball jerseys. The man on the left has short hair, is holding a boba tea cup in his left hand, and has tattoos on his right arm- one of a dog and the other of plant. His jersey says “FUNNY SQUAD.” The other man (right) has chin length hair that is swept to the left, and stubbly hair on his chest, neck, and upper arms. His jersey is the same design as the other man’s, but his jersey says “KEVIN.”
Narration: Bootleg Space Jam costumes…

[Panel 3]: Sebastian’s head is turned in three quarters view as he speaks to a woman with long hair wearing a face mask, and holding a cart of produce. She is fussing with an ear bud in her right ear.
Narration: … and bluetooth drama.
Sebastian: Hi.
Woman: So, I’m going to have that big talk with my mom tonight.

[Panel 4]: Close-up on the woman, now fussing with the ear bud in her other ear.
Woman: I have to tell her about my boyfriend, you know… about how he’s an entertainer, and, you know, there’s something wrong with him.

[Panel 5]: Close-up on Sebastian, wincing as he is forced to overhear the woman’s conversation as he rings up her groceries.
Sebastian (thinking): What does that MEAN?

[Panel 6]: The woman looks out of the side of her eye back towards Sebastian, who looks miffed, as she leaves the store with her bag of groceries in hand.
Woman: I think it’s gonna go really well.
Sebastian (thinking): WHAT does it MEAN?