Socialist Grocery

Seven panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian recounts a bad week involving Covid scares, cold weather problems, and a weird customer observation.


Title: Socialist Grocery

[Panel 1]: A brick building with plants growing in front of it and on its roof, with a sign with a health symbol and the words “URGENT CARE”
Narration: I wish I had a witty, concise opening line for this comic. But all I can tell you is that nobody I know it having a good week, and we’re all hyper-aware of our bodies at work lately. Everything feels like a Covid symptom- or another mystery illness.

[Panel 2]: Profile view of Sebastian wearing a KN95 mask, speaking to a doctor at the Urgent Care office with ear length black hair swooped to one side wearing a mask, square glasses, scrubs, and a stethoscope around his neck.
Sebastian: Hey Doc, so I’m here because I have chest pain, labored breathing, extreme fatigue, sore throat, and sudden nose bleeds.
Doctor: Do you have anxiety?

[Panel 3]: Closer view of the two speaking back and forth, the doctor holding a clipboard up to read it.
Sebastian: Yeah but that’s not it.
Doctor: Okay… well… my recommendation would be journaling.

[Panel 4]: Sebastian and one of their co-workers stand next to each other with their hands in their pockets. Sebastian wears a zip-up sweatshirt and a name tag, and above his mask, his eyes look tired as he listens to his co-worker tell a story. The co-worker, who has light colored ear length curly hair, wears a mask, nametape, and a zip up under black overalls.
Co-worker: Yesterday, in the 12 degree weather, whenever I would do something strenuous and bend over I’d get these pains in my sides near my ovaries.

[Panel 5]: Close-up of the co-worker the day before, wearing a hoodie, jeans, and has a shocked expression on their face as they bend over to pick something up. A diagram shows a close up of their pocket, revealing its contents- “HOT HANDS HAND WARMERS”
Co-worker: And I’d panic each time and then realize “oh, my ‘HOT HANDS’ are just wedged under my FUPA”

[Panel 6]: Sebastian, still looking tired at work, has pulled his mask down just enough to sip on a mug of coffee. A nearby customer (face obscured by a narration bubble) stands in the middle of the store with one hand in his pocket and one holding a book up into his eye line.
Narration: I think that everything would feel less intense if we all worked less. This person in the middle of the store reading definitely… agrees?

[Panel 7]: Close-up view of the title of the book, gripped tightly in the customer’s one hand, as evident by his finger skin, wrinkled at the joints. Book title reads “The Ultimate Guide to Self-Employment.”