Socialist Grocery

7 panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian visits the doctor yet again seeking tests for his long Covid symptoms.


Title: Socialist Grocery

[Panel 1]: Profile view of a sleepy Sebastian, wearing a mask and starting into the distance while a doctor (behind him, also wearing a mask) types into a computer.
Narration: It’s been stressful finding a doctor who understands that I need tests done.

[Panel 2]: Sebastian looks at the doctor, a perky woman with long hair tied back into a ponytail, as she asks him some questions.
Doctor: Okay so I see you’ve gotten your Covid vaccine and booster.
Sebastian: Yep.
Doctor: Y’know, I lied to get my booster.

[Panel 3]: Sebastian looks out through his square questions at the woman, wearing a confused expression.
Sebastian: Why… did you do that? Aren’t you a nurse?

[Panel 4]: The doctor glances back without moving her head away from the computer.
Doctor: I said was immunocompromised so I could get it even earlier and go to Disney World.

[Panel 5]: Now at work (wearing their masks and work uniforms), Sebastian relays the experience to a co-worker as they walk down a grocery aisle together.
Narration: I told some people about the ‘Disney Adult Nurse’ at work, afterward.
Co-worker: Y’know, the lead singer of Tool has long Covid like you.
Sebastian: Really?

[Panel 6]: Close-up profile view of the Co-worker, staring into Sebastian’s surprised eyes; Sebastian looks touched
Co-worker: Yeah, I just thought hearing that might make you feel less alone.