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Artblog Kickstarter update, affordable art by Fran Gallun and $1.5 Million in 2022 Illuminate the Arts Grants available

We are in awe of your support for our Kickstarter for "Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia! Thank you dear supporters! If you haven't joined the campaign for this unique book we are making (publishing in 2023) check out our Kickstarter and consider it! We need you! In other Artblog news, we are so happy to feature original art by Fran Gallun on our Pop-Up Shop! And in opportunity land, the City Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy just announced the 2022 Illuminate the Arts grants for artists and small and mid-sized arts organizations. You should apply!



Artblog’s Kickstarter is 85% pledged!! But we need your support to meet our goal.

The Kickstarter for “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia” is 85% pledged! Our goal is $2,500, and we are so very close we can feel it! But we need your help so that we actually do meet our goal. Our Kickstarter campaign is live until noon on June 3, 2022, but don’t wait! Help us meet and exceed our goal! Pledge today and tell all your friends! The “Artblog Atlas” will be THE Philadelphia Book of 2023! Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing, so we need to meet our goal to get the money.

Alyssa Foronda, a Filipino woman with long brown and blonde hair, poses smiling & holding a bottle of JamBrü Kombucha; Jamaar Julal, a Black man with short black buzzed hair, stands leaning nearby with his hands across his chest, smiling next to a bottle of JamBrü Kombucha.
JamBrü Partner, Alyssa Foronda (left); JamBrü Founder, Jamaar Julal (right). Courtesy JamBrü

Special for you! Here’s a sample from the book, excerpted from an interview with the founder of JamBrü Kombucha Jamaar Julal, and Alyssa Foronda, JamBrü Partner. JamBrü is one of the unique businesses featured in the book:

“We have strong voices that need to be heard. We want to change the industry from what it’s always known to be, for the better… we are more than just a beverage company. We’re here to make a difference and to show people that you can actually run a company with integrity” — Jamaar Julal and Alyssa Foronda.
Jamaar’s mission: …”I built my community here in this city, a community which has held me up and propelled me forward. So when we started to gain a larger audience, our first thought was “How can we use this platform to do something bigger than just having a monetarily successful business?” Part of JamBrü’s mission is to bring fermentation education to young people of color and to encourage them to create their own ferments, since fermentation has given me a new option for supporting myself…Our whole team lives in Philly and it’s important to us to create a business that benefits our community here.”

Here’s that Kickstarter Link again, And Thank you!
Artblog Atlas Team
Ashwin, Ilana, Morgan, Patrick, Roberta, Tessa

Introducing affordable original art by Fran Gallun on The Artblog Pop-Up Shop

Artblog has always wanted to connect artists with art collectors. We’ve had four auctions that did just that, and in our attempt to foster more artist-to-collector relationships, we created our Artblog Pop-Up Shop, to sell affordable commemorative objects like the totes, a blank book, a t-shirt. And recently, we invited our first artist, Fran Gallun, whose works we admire, to place her art with us on the Shop, with 75% of the sales price going to the artist. Today, we introduce you to Fran and her art, through a short video excerpt provided by Cerulean Arts, from a gallery walk through of a show Fran had at Cerulean last year. Enjoy! And click through to the Shop see Fran’s affordable and beautiful works, some of them framed. And enjoy Fran’s walk-through of her show, in this 20-minute video (thanks, Cerulean Arts for making this available for Artblog!)


$1.5 Million in 2022 Illuminate the Arts grants for artists and arts organizations – DUE JUNE 3, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the $1.5 million 2022 Illuminate the Arts Grant! Philadelphia’s individual artists, small and mid-size nonprofit arts organizations, and small creative enterprises are invited to apply. Application deadline is Friday, June 3, 2022. Some of the details below are from the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy website. Full details here. Applications through Submittable.

The 2022 Illuminate the Arts Grant application process and eligibility requirements are uniquely geared to meet the needs of the local arts and culture community while providing relief quickly and efficiently. Applicants must be based in Philadelphia County. The 2022 grants will support:

  • Individual artists with a 2021 total annual income of $54,000 or less can apply for a grant of $1,000-2,000. Individual artists who claim dependents are eligible for higher maximum income limits and should visit the application to determine eligibility.
  • Small nonprofit arts organizations with 2021 operating budgets of $100,000 or less can apply for grants ranging from $5,000-$10,000.
  • Mid-size nonprofit arts organizations with 2021 operating budgets between $100,000-$500,000 can apply for grants ranging from $10,000-$20,000.
  • Small creative enterprises with 2021 operating budgets less than $500,000 can apply for grants ranging from $2,500-$15,000.