Kickstarter update, robotics at 319, Kara Walker’s calliope, Cesar Viveros, Painted Bride “Off the Wall” and opportunity info session!

We're pleased and humbled by the early response to our Kickstarter! Thank You All! And we can now report that Kickstarter Loves Our Project! Please support this unique community art and food book! In other news, Kara Walker's Katastwóf Karavan plays at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden; Painted Bride launches two weeks of "Off the Wall" programming in Northern Liberties, robotics take over the 319 building are spaces; Morgan's interview with Cesar Viveros featured on Philadelphia Citizen; and sign up for the virtual information session about the $130,000 PHL International Percent for Art project.


We’re a THIRD of the way to our goal on Kickstarter for the “Artblog Atlas of Art and Food in Philadelphia”
We launched on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday we heard from Kickstarter that ours is a “Project We Love!” Thank you Kickstarter, we love it too! Dear People, we need your help to make our goal and fund our book! Check out the campaign page and contribute! We will acknowledge your contribution in the book (publishing in early 2023)! And we have other nice rewards! The campaign ends June 3, 2022, at noon.

Banner advertisement for the book "The Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia" featuring the book title, the phrase "publishing in 2023," and two photos of people featured in the book.
The Artblog Atlas of Art & Food in Philadelphia – Coming in 2023

Morgan’s second interview – with Cesar Viveros – is live on Philadelphia Citizen
Morgan’s interviewed a number of thought leaders, do-ers and makers in this series called “Art for Change” on a sisterly platform, Philadelphia Citizen. And we are proud to celebrate Morgan for this great work!

319 Building goes all art + robotics as part of ICRA 2022
We got a reach out from our friend, artist Tyler Kline, who curated a robotics+motion+dance exhibit at Pink Noise, part of a whole lot of robotics art installed at the “319 building” (319 N. 11th St)  opening this First Friday, May 6. While the projects – affiliated with the ICRA conference – all sound terrific, we are particularly intrigued by the “flock logic” piece at Pink Noise.

Digital graphic poster for "Rhythm Bots," featuring two thin metal contraptions with colorful shapes on them on the right, with hardwood floor texture on the bottom third of the poster and cream color on the top 2/3.

More on that from their release:

Naomi Ehrich Leonard, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, studies and designs the “logic” behind collective motion and decision-making dynamics of groups in nature, robotics, and dance. Susan Marshall, choreographer, professor and Director of Dance at Princeton University, uses recursive syntax and details of touch, intention, gravity, and gaze to probe the complexities of human behavioral systems and interpersonal relationships. Naomi and Susan first collaborated in 2010 on the site-specific performance piece “Flock Logic”, which explores what happens when human movers apply the rules used in models of flocking birds and schooling fish. More recently, Naomi collaborated with Susan on her performance installation “Rhythm Bath”, which offers an inviting space connecting audiences and performers through synchronized and rhythmic human movement. This collaboration led to questions about the possibilities for rhythmic connection between humans and robots.

Naomi Ehrich Leonard and Susan Marshall, with María Santos, Sarah Witzman, Isla Xi Han, and Kathryn Wantlin, bring to Pink Noise Projects: “Rhythm Bots”, a work at the intersection of multi-robot dynamics, human-robot interaction and art. “Rhythm Bots” is an actively controlled kinetic sculpture of synchronously moving robots that provides a site for choreography in the patterns of the rhythm bots and in the ways that the rhythm bots interact with people who approach or walk through the installation space. The work explores how the synchronous movement of rhythm bots supports rhythmic connection to members of an audience, how emergent communication through bodily movement can inform the response of rhythm bots to audience members, and ultimately how the experience of “Rhythm Bots” makes people feel and makes possible an active and meditative public space of connection.

Robotics and Art @ 319
Expressive and Meditative Machines for Imagining New Futures With Technology ICRA 2022 Robotics and Art Exhibition

Robotic Installations at Artist-Run Galleries Near the ICRA Event Site

  • Diedra Krieger (Grizzly Grizzly) and Amy LaViers (RAD Lab)
  • Grizzly Grizzly, London and Wen-Ying Tsai, curated by Diedra Krieger
  • Marginal Utility, Eunsu Kang, curated by David Dempewolf
  • Pink Noise Projects, Naomi Leonard and Susan Marshall with María Santos, Sarah Witzman, Isla Xi Han, and Kathryn Wantlin, curated by Tyler Kline
  • The Hiding Space, Hasan Elahi and others, curated by Ephraim Russell and Ricky Yanas
  • Vox Populi (blackbox space), Kate Ladenheim, guest-curated by Amy LaViers


Painted Bride “Off The Wall”
Northern Liberties Neighbors Association at 700 N. 3rd St.
DATES – May 14–15 and 21–22, 2:00 – 7:00 PM each day
Timed entry tickets are necessary for admission.
Tickets: Pay What You Can, suggested donation $15
Accessibility: Wheelchair friendly
COVID-19 Protocols: Indoor masking, proof of vaccination, hand sanitizer and gloves will be available.

Digital artwork of blue words with colorful underlapping accent colors on a black background that say "Off the Wall," stacked on green graphic bricks, above photos of hosts Icon Ebony Fierce and Lili St. Queer dressed in drag.
“Off the Wall” at the Painted Bride – Art experiences to touch, look, listen and engage with. Hosted by Icon Ebony Fierce & Lili St. Queer

From the Painted Bride:

Five Philadelphia-based artists showcase interactive art, with well-known drag queens Lili St. Queer and Icon Ebony Fierce as hosts, on May 14–15 and 21-22 weekends at Northern Liberties Neighbors Association at 700 N. 3rd St.

Five Philadelphia-based artists have created new projects for the Off the Wall exhibition (Mehgan Abdel-Moneim, Severin Blake, Savannah Reich, Roopa Vasudevan, and interactive art collective Obvious Agency). All of their pieces are family-friendly and highly interactive, and invite participants to create plastic sculptures, play collaborative games, engage in musical meditation, and even star in a play.

Additionally, there will be two Queens of Ceremonies: renowned drag performers Lili St. Queer and Icon Ebony Fierce, who will help participants foster connections and orient themselves to each project. A hired Exhibition Manager and COVID Accountability Partner will make sure the event runs smoothly and follows COVID protocol.

Kara Walker’s The Katastwóf Karavan
May 12–May 19, 2022

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden
Washington, DC

As part of Afro-Atlantic Histories, the Sculpture Garden will be a site for a temporary installation of Kara Walker’s The Katastwóf Karavan (2018), a work incorporating a steam calliope, a musical instrument used in the 19th century on steamboats and in carnivals. Enveloped in the artist’s signature silhouettes made from cut steel and set in a parade wagon, the steam-whistle organ will be programmed with a new, automated playlist of songs of Black resistance and celebration that will play daily.


Percent for Art project at PHL, Terminal A East – Deadline for Submissions – June 1, 2022
Project Budget: $130,000

Fri, May 6, 2022, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EDT Zoom