Socialist Grocery

6 panel comic from the series "Socialist Grocery," in which Sebastian and their partner Maggie are hanging out in their apartment.


[Panel 1]: Sebastian and Maggie sit side by side on their bed, wearing sweatpants and eating food from bowls as they watch videos on a screen at the foot of the bed.
Narration: My partner and I moved in together recently, and we’re learning a lot of things.

[Panel 2]: Close-up on the TV monitor, featuring a man with short hair wearing a suit, grinning from ear to ear and surrounded by women in sports bras, crop tops, and shorts.
Man on TV: Hey, You! Are you CONSTANTLY thinking about beautiful women?

[Panel 3]: Close-up on Sebastian and Maggie’s faces, both of whom look stunned with their brows furrowed and mouths agape.
Sebastian & Maggie (in unison): Yes.

[Panel 4]: Close-up on Sebastian and Maggie, who are now facing each other in confusion but both looking at the TV through the corners of their eyes, as sound continues to play from the TV.
Man on TV: Well now, with this 6-step program, a woman will NEVER turn you down again.

[Panel 5]: Back to the TV, showing a close cut of the man in the suit, who is winking leaning forward, and pointing towards the audience with a finger gun.
Man on TV: You’ll learn the book, the body language, in fact, you’ll eventually just take one single breath and she’ll want to–

[Panel 6]: Back to Sebastian and Maggie, who both look mortified and are wincing, as Sebastian quickly changes the channel and suggests an alternative.
Sebastian: I’m flipping back to the YouTube video we started about Furbies being banned from the Pentagon.
Maggie: Maybe we can also plata cleanse with a two-hour video explaining NFTs… like old times.