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Socialist Grocery


A large 6-panel, black and white comic narrates the story of a couple, Maggie and Sebastian, reminiscing about Maggie’s electric scooter accident a year ago, in which he shattered his wrist in 3 places and get driven to the hospital by a driver who says he was thinking of getting a scooter!

Description and Dialog
A large 6-panel comic shows the story of Sebastian and Maggie reminiscing about Maggie’s accident falling off an electric scooter.

In the top left panel, Maggie and Sebastian sit across the table from each other eating a meal. In the caption, the narrator, Sebastian, says, “This week, my partner and I were recalling his electric scooter incident one year ago.”

In the top right panel, you see a birds eye view of Sebastian — you see their hair and hairy legs — sitting on the toilet in a bathroom looking at their phone. Maggie narrates, “It was a normal morning; I was in the bathroom watching the JoJo Siwa coming-out video. Maggie called me and it was so early I assumed it was a butt-dial. I didn’t answer.”

In the middle left panel, Sebastian, who is still in the bathroom, narrates, “But then when he called back a second time I knew something was wrong.” Sebastian, looking concerned, puts the phone to their ear and says, “Hello?” and Maggie says, “Hi, I need you to come to the Dialysis place by 30th St. Station.”

In the right middle panel, the scene shows Maggie slumped on the sidewalk and leaning against a building, with their broken scooter nearby. His left hand is in an awkward, wrong position. Sebastian says, “Maggie had scooter’d into a pothole. The scooter had snapped in half, his wrist was shattered in 3 places.”

In the bottom left panel, Sebastian and Maggie are seen in the backseat of a car driven by a smiling person with a full beard. The driver says to Maggie and Sebastian, “Y’know, I’ve been thinking about getting a scooter!”

In the bottom right panel, Sebastian, who is wearing a face mask, as is the injured Maggie, responds to the driver, “Read the room, Steve. His hand is dangling from the socket.”