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David Herbert solo-exhibit at Grizzly Grizzly, Resident artists exhibition at Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Jabroni Smackdown, A Toxic Love Story (1979-2023) at Fjord Gallery, Alter Street Open Studios and sale, plus more.

Hi, this week is light. There are three exhibitions to highlight and a few free events for everyone to enjoy. At Grizzly Grizzly, a solo exhibition of sculptures by David Herbert, alter the space and reference Western art historical cannon. Artists Johannah Herr and BK share sculptures and collaged iconography through the lens of professional wrestling at Fjord Gallery. 2202 Alter Street Studios holds open studios and a sale on Saturday, May 20th. Plus more events and exhibitions.


Notable exhibitions

HAND-ME-DOWN Solo exhibit by David Herbert at Grizzly Grizzly

The interior of a miniature from the exhibition HAND-ME-DOWN by sculptor David Herbert. The miniature is of an exhibition space, two facing walls are blank with two frames in the nearest. One wall has niches and is covered with pink paper. The facing wall is turquoise with a door. There is a bicycle sculpture by Marcel Duchamp painted yellow. The beams and lighting fixtures of the exhibition space are present in miniature.
Miniature from HAND-ME-DOWN, a solo exhibit by sculptor David Herbert. Image courtesy of Grizzly Grizzly.

May 5 – June 18, 2023
Hours: Saturday – Sunday, 2-6 PM
Grizzly Grizzly, 319 N 11th St, 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107

HAND-ME-DOWN, is a solo exhibit by sculptor David Herbert, his first show in Philadelphia. In the show Herbert alters the gallery space with a false back wall, enclosing the space and increasing the intimacy. The sculptures reference traditional Western canon from art history books, including remakes of Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel in a bright yellow, a Greek bust, and a plywood rendition of the Navarone WWII mountain playset. The site-specific installation shrinks the space’s floor plan by one-third and reconsiders the display of artworks through wall-cubbies and acrylic boxes.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Fjord Gallery presents JABRONI SMACKDOWN, A Toxic Love Story (1979-2023)

A WWE style poster, announcing the collaboration exhibit by BK and Johannah Herr at Fjord Gallery. At the center is a recatngle of amorphous Hulk Hogan figures melding into one another. They are boxed by a yellow rectangle, beyond is a black background with white neon like lightning bolt patterns. Across the top in yellow background by red is "Fjord - 1720 N 5th St, Philadelphia - May 6 - June17" Below in silver gradient type is "Jabroni Smackdown A Toxic Love Story (1979-2023)" Below the yellow rectangle in yellow impact font is "Opening May 6, 6-9 PM" in a blue box "An exhibition by BK and Johannah Herr."
Jabroni Smackdown: A Toxic Lovestory (1979-2023) Exhibition poster. Image courtesy of Fjord Gallery.

May 6 – June 17, 2023
Fjord Gallery, 1400 N American St #105, Philadelphia, PA, 19122

Fjord Gallery is pleased to announce Jabroni Smackdown, A Toxic Love Story (1979-2023), an exhibition of collaborative work by American artist Johannah Herr and Iranian-American artist BK. Through playfully subverted sculptures and collaged iconography, the exhibition critically explores the history of US-Iranian relations through the spandex-clad lens of professional wrestling.

Learn more here.

Cheltenham Center for the Arts Resident Artist’s exhibit

A poster advertising the Cheltenham Center for the Arts Resident Artists' Exhibition 2023. Three artworks are shown each vertical on a horizontal format. The artist's name precedes the image. First Drozdova, with an image of two human like forms holding each other, multiple faces appear from the closest figure. A wolf appears in the bottom right corner. The largest figure holding its arm over a fairy like figure is in red, orange and creme. A blue bird shoots across the space. The fairy boy is in a light yellow wash with a head of light green. Behind each figure is a background of red and white circles and blue. The wolflike figure appears in green, purple, and blue. The second, Foster, shows a graphite drawing of a thick forest with little pools of light appearing in the darkest shadows. The last, Riukas, shows multicolored woman of pinks, greens, blues, and oranges, laying here head down. The background is an explosion of blue, red, pink, and purple.
Cheltenham Center for the Arts Resident Artists’ Exhibition 2023 poster. Image courtesy of Cheltenham Center for the Arts.

May 18 – June 12, 2023
Opening reception: Thursday May 18 6 – 8 PM
Cheltenham Center for the Arts, 439 Ashbourne Road, Cheltenham, PA 19012

The Cheltenham Center for the Arts celebrates the 2022-2023 Artists in Residence ending their resident year through an exhibition of their work. Featuring the work of Elena Drozdova, Emma Foster, and Diana Riukus.

Learn more here.


Alter Street hosts Open Studios

A poster announcing open studios for 2202 Alter Street. Saturday May 20, 11-4 PM. Light bites and drinks, kid friendly activities free and open to public. RSVP at Eventbrite: Alter Street Open Studios. The text is set against a wood door with metal gilding and an industrial light above. The door is set in a brick building.
Open Studios poster for 2202 Alter Street. Image courtesy of Alter Street.

Saturday, May 20, 11 – 4 PM
2202 Alter st, Philadelphia, PA, 19146

2202 Alter Street Studios invites the public to tour and partake in a sale event. There will be snacks, drinks, and family-friendly activities.

Learn more here.
RSVP here.

Bumpin’ Bride an all-ages dance party hosted by artists Ani/Malayaworks

6 – 8 PM
Painted Bride Art Center, 5212 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Join movement artists Ani/Malayaworks and the Painted Bride for an open dance part, featuring the sounds of Motown, Afrobeat, and Folklorico. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Learn more here.
RSVP here.

Temple Music Prep: Festival of Young Musicians

Free and streamed on YouTube
2 – 4 PM
Temple Performing Arts Center, 1837 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Featuring members of the Center for Gifted Young Musicians Chamber Players Orchestra directed by Mitchell Newmand and Baroque Players directed by Aaron Picht.

Learn more here.
Watch on YouTube.