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Jenny Drumgoole solo exhibition at Auxiliary Projects Brooklyn, Ten-curatorial voices in, ‘Invited: Take Care of the Square Footage’ at the Icebox Project Space, Young Peoples Art Mart, and more

Hi, this week we see exciting exhibitions with the young peoples Art Mart and the Philadelphia Sculptors 23rd annual 5 into 1 show. Save July 13 for The Icebox Project Space, which invites 10 curators to organize exhibits and conduct workshops. Look out for more about Artblog’s 20th birthday celebration coming soon! Have a great one!


Notable Exhibitions

Philly artist Jenny Drumgoole solo exhibition at Auxiliary Projects titled Soxx Presents MAKE & DO WITH SOXX

Artists Jenny Drumgoole as her persona Soxx looking at a laptop covered in colored paper sitting on top an ice chest. Soxx is dressed in red and patterns with gaudy makeup and large clips in their hair. The surrounding room is chaotic and filled with objects of household utility and colorful toys. A dog lays to Soxx's left.
Soxx Presents MAKE & DO WITH SOXX by Jenny Drumgoole. Image courtesy of Auxiliary Projects.

May 20 – June 24, 2023
Auxiliary Projects, 212R Norman Ave Greenpoint Brooklyn
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 1pm – 6pm and by appointment.

Philadelphia-based artist Jenny Drumgoole combines elements of video art, performance, social practice, and conceptual art into a hybrid project resisting classification for her first New York City solo exhibition. Drumgoole engages with niche subcultures and mines that material for her genre-defying artworks. Examples include hot dog eating contests, Paula Deen bake-offs, and Philadelphia sanitation block parties, all having experienced Drumgoole’s creative interventions.

In the wake of the pandemic, Drumgoole mined the college courses she taught via Zoom. In January 2021, Drumgoole turned her Rowan University art class into a conceptual experiment. The class titled Make & Do, utilized Zoom class to create a class experience as a collaborative video artwork designed to be embedded with the vernacular of the internet. Instructed by an abject yet enthusiastic clown named Soxx, students, playing themselves as confused students took part in assignments like “Potato Portal Party,” gamely elucidated by entertainers commissioned on Cameo as narrators of the chaos. The entertainers included names like Gloria Estefan, Ghostface Killah, and Ice-T. Soxx and her students used at-hand materials and setting to complete assignments, and projects which were posted as interventions on Amazon’s review section.

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Hear the artist talk about the project here.

Philadelphia Sculptors holds 23rd annual 5 into 1 exhibition at Moore College of Art & Design

Poster for the annual 5 into 1 exhibition organized by Philadelphia Sculptors. Depicts a series of sculptures in half circles going down three lines. At the right of the three lines is a 5 a with a 1 in the body and into in the tail.
23rd Annual 5 into 1 exhibition. Image courtesy of Philadelphia Sculptors.

June 3 – September 2, 2023
Opening reception: Saturday, June 3, 6 – 8 PM
Moore College of Art and Design, 1926 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103

Philadelphia Sculptors holds its 23rd annual exhibition showcasing the works of emerging sculptors. The exhibition highlights the achievements and artistic merit of selected artists from five Philadelphia colleges and universities: Moore College of Art & Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Tyler School of Art and Architecture, The University of the Arts, and University of Pennsylvania. This year’s exhibition brings together a group of artists whose work explores topics of identities, human interaction, and material exploration. Each artist used different mediums and addresses different topics, using their art to discuss and challenge contemporary topics that resonate with the artists and their audiences.

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10 Philadelphia-based organizers will work within the Icebox Project Space gallery

Poster announcing the collaboration between the Icebox Project Space and 10 Philadelphia curators. The background is a royal purple with a letter envelope in the center with "invited" in caps across the top in white and purple. Below "Take care of the square footage" in caps and purple. The envelope fold is green and folds a v over "Invited" turning half the word white.
Image courtesy of Icebox Project Space.

July 13 – August 20, 2023

Invited: Take Care of the Square Footage is an event dedicated to celebrating the curatorial work that takes place outside of institutional contexts. This Summer, 10 Philadelphia-based organizers will work within the Icebox Project Space Gallery, which will be divided into 10 unique exhibition spaces. Throughout the public exhibition, free workshops will aid participants in developing skills around wall fabrication, art handling, the operation of A/V equipment and grant writing. The workshops are funded by Velocity Fund.

Learn more here.


Fresh Juice, Mascher Space Cooperative’s annual artists-in-residence show

Friday June 2nd, 2023 and Saturday June 3rd, 2023
8 – 10 PM
Sliding scale donation of $10-30
Icebox Project Space, 1400 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Fresh Juice is Mascher Space Cooperative’s annual artists-in-residence show, featuring finished and fresh works by current Mascher artists and fresh squeezed juice for the audience. Fresh Juice is in its 16th year and will premiere new work from a diverse community of artists at Icebox Project Space on Friday, June 2nd, and Saturday, June 3rd 2023.

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Young People’s Art Mart

Poster for the Young People's Art Mart organized by The Future Is Us collective. The background is magenta that gets lighter in the center. At the bottom left are the logos of the sponsors. At the bottom right is a hand in green holding a bubble wand blowing bubbles with a gradient from green to yellow to orange. Above the hand is the main text saying "Young People's Art Mart --> 2!" in Yellow. Below in orange is "May 27, 3-7 PM Pentridge Station 5110-5120 Pentridge St" all of which is in a gradient bubble. To the left are green flower people dancing and hoola-hooping in an orange and yellow bubble. Above in another bubble is a blue painting and jar. Above and to the right in another orange bubble is ice cream and a hotdog in blue. In the top right corner is a spiky speech bubble saying in blue "a festival centering creatives under 25"
Young People’s Art Mart poster. Image courtesy of The Future is Us Collective.

May 27, 3 – 7 PM
Pentridge Station, 5110-5120 Pentridge St, Philadelphia, PA

Young People’s Art Mart: A Festival Centering Creatives Under 25 is an annual summer music and arts festival that showcases the work of young performing and visual artists. Organized by youth collectives Future is US Collective and the Young Artist Program, this all-day event features artist vendors and youth-led community organizations, a series of music performances, a youth town hall installation at the Crane Arts Building, and food vendors.

The Future is Us Collective has grounded the festival in collective work and efforts to center futurism, care, authenticity, world-building, and healing pedagogical practices centered in imagination, body, and play. The festival is a fun and safe space for children, teens, parents, and young adults to come together and celebrate Philadelphia’s emerging talent.

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Vox Populi Gallery open call to submit cellphone videos

A light skinned hand holds an iphone to the viewer with a white screen. The background is purplish pink. Along the left edge are the words "OPEN CALL" askew. Below a slash "Submit your cellphone videos" below another slash "deadline May 31". On a banner along the bottom "Limit videos to 2 minutes - submission form in bio"
Open Call announcement for Vox Populi exhibition. Image courtesy of Vox Populi.

Deadline to submit May 31st

Vox Populi’s Black Box invites artists to showcase their most poetic/gorgeous/pathetic/surprising cellphone videos in our gallery space during July. The creations will be featured in the exhibit Cellphone Library from July 7 to August 6. Submit your less than 2-minute long video to have a chance to be part of the exhibition.

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