Pilot+Projects’ final exhibition, The Clay Studio resident artists shows, Two new kid’s shows explore art, on WHYY, Mural Arts seeks designs for Mural paintings, Plus more

Hi, this week there’s a lot of opportunities with Delco Community College having an open call for the annual juried exhibition and Mural Arts seeking designs for tourist experiences in mural painting. Partners and Son is having a release Party for Brian “Box” Brown’s book The He-Man Effect, and Sweet Juice Fest a Philly DIY Music fest is happening at Rigby Mansion on Saturday. There’s a lot to enjoy and opportunities to take hold of right now, wishing you well.

Notable Exhibitions

Pilot+Projects presents Epilogue: The Final Exhibition

July 22 – 29 2023
Opening Reception July, 22 6 – 10 PM
1719 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA, 19122

Due to increasing rent Pilot+Projects announces the closing of their space at 1719 N 5th St. Concluding the last seven years of exhibitions and events for the gallery. The first exhibition in the space was titled Prologue, and for the last, it is called Epilogue. 70-80 artists are exhibiting in the show including past and present Artblog contributors.

Learn more here.

Listen to an Artblog Radio podcast with Jacob Chris Hammes, founder of Pilot+Projects.


Three resident artist exhibitions at The Clay Studio

July 13 – September 17, 2023
The Clay Studio, 1425 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Stillness is the Move

A ceramic bust of a man whose face has been weathered and the features sanded down.
History Itself (Bust) by Chris Rodgers, Image Courtesy of The Clay Studio.

Stillness is the Move is an ongoing exploration by Chris M. Rodgers into art objects and their evolving interpretations over time. Rodgers is intrigued by how the specificity of an object can transcend its physicality and transform it into a symbol or idea.

Living Art

A ceramic jar mostly black with blue and white flowers.
Large Decorated Jar by Ruth Easterbrook, Image courtesy of The Clay Studio

Resident artist Ruther Easterbrook presents large vessels and plate forms that vibrate with growing plate life. Rooted in their historical significance as a vessel for communication and cultural expression, their work as a potter continues the historical tradition with personal and contemporary perspectives.

Give and Take

A black ceramic figure of a woman with her thin hands on her head and a sad or shocked face.
Mourner/Mom by Stephanie Kantor, Image courtesy of The Clay Studio

Stephanie Kantor’s ‘Give and Take’ explores the monumental and transformative experience of becoming a mother and simultaneously losing one’s own mother. As Kantor gave birth to her own daughter and witnessed her mother’s deteriorating health over the past two years they experienced a barrage of emotions; joy and sorry, happiness and anxiety, exhaustion and exhilaration.

Learn more about the exhibitions here.



WHYY two new, original kids shows

Logos for two new kids shows, Albie's Elevator in blue and orange. And the Infinite Art Hunt using two fonts and many images like a figure eight, a jar, a hand painting and using a magnifying glass.
Image courtesy of WHYY.

Albie’s Elevator on weekdays at 9:30 am Albie a self-appointed elevator invites you and your kids into exploring the ups and downs of preschool problem-solving while illuminating the arts with the help of neighbors. The show features an intercom robot named Tibitz, a fuzzy friend Huggy Pepper, and real performers, visual artists, musicians, creators, and art educators.

The Infinite Art Hunt on air weekdays at 11:30 am features twelve-year-old Freddie on a mission to see as many amazing art spaces and meet amazing artists as possible in the summer. With her family’s help, Freddie learns more about art and documents it for The Infinite Art Hunt.

Learn more here.
Watch Albie’s Elevator here and The Infinite Art Hunt here.


Punk Rock Flea Market rain date in effect

As reported in last week’s news, the July 16th date has been postponed to July 22nd and 23rd due to rain.

Learn more and get tickets here.


Brian “Box” Brown Book Release, Signing, and Conversation with Perry Shall

A poster for the release part of Brian Box Brown's The He Man Effect. The poster hass a red background with the heads of Brian and Perry Sholl. They are in a cartoon style both wearing similar yellow framed glasses and having long dark hair and a mustache, though Brian's head has a beard. The book's cover is above their heads between "YAK YAK" Below the heads says "Brian Box Brown, In Conversation, Partners + Son Thurs. July 20.
Image courtesy of Partners and Son.

Thursday, July 20, 6 – 9 PM
Partners and Son, 618 S 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Free beer

Partners and Son is thrilled to host a release party for Brian “Box” Brown’s newest book The He-Man Effect. Box will be signing books and talking with Perry Shall. The conversation will be recorded for an episode of the podcast Vintage Annals Archive.

Learn more here.

Sweet Juice Fest returns

A poster announcing Sweet Juice Fest and the attending artists, happening Saturday July 22nd 2023 1:30 PM - 9 Pm at Rigby Mansion. The poster features a sun rising into the clouds and foliage.
Image courtesy of Sweet Juice Fest.

July 22, 2023 1:30 PM – 9 PM
Rigby Mansion, 523 E Church Ln, Philadelphia, PA
Tickets on a sliding scale from $20-$50

Sweet Juice Fest is returning to Germantown building upon last year’s event which drew over 175 people to celebrate queer and BIPOC artists in Philadelphia. With art, food, and community building, the Philly DIY music scene will be on full flare at Rigby Mansion July 22nd.

Learn more here and purchase tickets here.


Delco Community College 2023 Juried Exhibition Open Call

Deadline Monday, September 18, 2023 at 5 PM ET
$15 fee for up to three entries
Top prize is $400

The Gallery at Delaware County Community College presents the annual 215/610 Contemporary Juried Exhibition, featuring the work of regional emerging artists living and working in and around Philadelphia. The exhibition will be presented in person in the College Art Gallery November 13 – December 15 and will be juried by artist and educator Mark Thomas Gibson.

Learn more and apply here.

Mural Arts request for proposal: Experiential Mural painting designs for the Tours Department

Deadline July 23, 2023

Mural Arts Philadelphia is seeking an artist to create designs to be used by the Department of Tours and Merchandise in its experiential mural painting activities, this includes tour experience and standalone activities. The Designs should be representative of Mural Arts Philadelphia and the tagline “Beautify, Inspire, and Empower”. The budget for this project includes a $1,500 fee for the selected artist to create either three iterations of the same or three different designs.

Learn more and apply here.