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Patricia Wilson Aden on why arts and culture matter, 2C Books from Marginal Utility, Harriett’s Book Club and an Opportunity for portraitists

This short and sweet News post includes some wonderful book projects and a great portrait competition at the National Portrait Gallery! Plus, we thought we'd give you another view of Gritty Barbie, just to perk up your day! Enjoy



“Gritty” (the Philadelphia Flyers mascot) as Barbie, driving a pink convertible with a big pink background and the word “Gritty” at the top. Barbie is the doll whose “life” was imagined in the 2023 blockbuster movie, “Barbie.”
“Gritty Barbie” 2023. digital print. @Fade_Resistant. With permission.

Committee of Seventy talks with GPCA’s Patricia Wilson Aden last November about why arts and culture matter.
See the video here.

Harriett’s Book Shop starts a non-profit arm Harriett’s Book Club
From Facebook – Starting the new year off right! Introducing Harriett’s BookCLUB our new 501c3 nonprofit arm thanks to the generous support of @penntreatyssd we will be using books as the catalyst for benevolent action. More news to come. Hope this makes you smile and send a virtual high five! Read more here.

2C Books from Marginal Utility!
From Instagram – We at Marginal Utility are proud to announce the launch of 2C books and micro-gallery. 2C books carries vintage and current publications that focus on art, critical theory, film history, literature, philosophy, poetry, psychology, sci-fi, and more. Through this project, Marginal Utility will present micro exhibitions and publish short-run artist books with an emphasis on the intersections between visual art, history, and contemporary thought. Read more at Marginal Utility Instagram


National Portrait Gallery’s 2025 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition – Deadline Jan. 26, 2024
Submit your artwork to the 2025 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition.⁣ Selected artworks will comprise the #Outwin2025 exhibition, which will be on view at the National Portrait Gallery, followed by a national tour. ⁣Submit your artwork by January 26, 2024. Go to Complete information and to apply here.⁣ Entry fee – $50