Look! It’s Libby and Roberta at the Crane Art Center


November 5, 2007   ·   3 Comments



This fine episode from our ongoing series of gallery visits takes us to the Crane Art Center for Metaphoric Vinyl at Nexus and Charmaine Caire’s solo show Then and Now at Kelly/Weber Gallery.

Our video guru David Kessler is a wizard who captures it all and makes the magic happen. Here’s a link to David’s popular Shadow World videos. And here’s a link to all the Look! It’s Libby and Roberta episodes.

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3 Responses to “Look! It’s Libby and Roberta at the Crane Art Center”

  1. Bill Gusky says:

    Loved meeting you, Libby and Roberta!!! Best of luck in everything — B

  2. libby says:

    Hi, Bill, I didn’t know you were the guy who did the fabulous juicy striped object. Excellent! and charmed to meet you, too.

  3. roberta says:

    Hey Bill, we just passed your name along to an artist/curator who’s organizing a show. She may be getting in touch with you if her grant money comes through and she can move forward with the exhibit. It was very nice to meet you and put the face with the words at last! cheerio!

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