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Pulse and Fountain–fair wrap-up


March 10, 2009   ·   5 Comments

Zoe Charlton, detail, gnomes at Conner Contemporary

So we didn’t spend much time at Pulse but it looked great!  As we said, we were too busy schmoozing and then we ran out of time.  We are grateful that we did see a few terrific things while we were there. Zoe Charlton‘s gnomes of color at Conner Contemporary (which the gallerist told us sold in a rush shortly after they opened) made us laugh. They are bought gnomes that the African American artist repainted with varied skin tones.

Zoe Charlton, detail, gnomes at Conner Contemporary

Zoe Charlton, detail, gnomes at Conner Contemporary

It was an edition of 150 that she initially installed on a lawn. They got sprinkled on and everything. Asking price was $350–the gallerist said the “price point” was right.

Zoe Charlton, drawing with golden lace hair ornament

Zoe Charlton, drawing with golden lace hair ornament

The artist also had several walls of drawings and we loved the ones that focused on the rococo hair.

Markus Hansen, "Philip"

Markus Hansen, "Philip." That's the artist on the left.

We also liked Markus Hansen’s series at Virgil de Voldere of paired photo portraits — himself and a sitter — in which he imitates the expression on the sitter’s face.

Onward to Fountain

Ray Ritchie at Stuart Shepherd gallery

Ray Ritchie at Stuart Shepherd gallery

All Fountain required was the twinkling of an eye. Our eyes twinkled in the direction of Stuart Shepherd Gallery. The New Zealand gallerist, also an artist, is a missionary for rescuing his country’s self-taught artists and placing them on the world stage. He told us he had been at the Outsider Art Fair in New York and heard about Fountain so he stayed. He also said he was working on a book documenting the self taughts because everyone believes anything in print. The work in his booth was terrific. We loved Colin Korovin‘s ballpoint pen scratchings and Andrew Blyth‘s word art. Ray Ritchie‘s focus on the big eyeball was captivating. We wished Shepherd and his flock well.

One of Fountain’s organizers, David Kesting of Leo Kesting gallery, said he had recaptured his expenses for the booth so that is good.

People observing nature at Fountain

People observing nature at Fountain

Fountain was a funky little fair–the anti-Armory. No glitz; and hardly any roof–a patchwork tent and some poles. We enjoyed looking at the New Yorkers looking for a bit of nature out on the edge of the pier. And then we had a New York celebrity sighting — Ethan Hawke with his dog and with people who looked like they might be family.

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke

That’s it from the artblog on the fairs.  We don’t know how people do those 25 fairs in Miami.  We can barely do 4 in New York.  There was so much good stuff to see and we would have liked to see more.  Next year!

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5 Responses to “Pulse and Fountain–fair wrap-up”

  1. amendedOK says:

    The gnomes work is part of a collaborative installation by Zoe Charlton and Rick Delaney called There Goes the Neighborhood. It has been show at the Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD and at Mixed Greens, NY

  2. roberta says:

    Great, thanks for the additional info. I’m glad it got around so much!

  3. Thank you for the appreciative comments about the work I was showing at the Fountain Art Fair. I will be taking another selection of work to the Impaire Gallery in Paris at the end of this month, mostly the same artists. Impaire is an outpost for the Creative Growth Center from Oakland. I,m excited about the show , I commissioned an artist friend , Maia MacDonald to produce a suite of photographs especially for Paris…N.Z. Boys working on farms… they will provide some kind of context for the other work.
    Best regards
    Stuart Shepherd

  4. roberta says:

    Hi Stuart, you’re welcome! You and your booth were definitely a highlight of the fairs. Good luck on your project and I love the idea of the photos to accompany the works. Should be great!

  5. Hi, Stuart, Nice to hear from you. Congrats on Paris and Oakland too. Glad to see the mission to educate the world about these self taughts has some traction–global traction no less. Let us know if you’re back in New York or even make it to Philadelphia.

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